Tuesday 12 December 2017

Busy times.

Good afternoon all and thanks for popping in. 
Sorry for not catching up with you for a while but wow have I been busy . 
On Saturday it was my last workshop for this year and it was a Groovi more ways than one, 
Another lovely day crafting with friends, catching up and eating mince pies .

Fab work ladies,,,as always. 
We have Adam, Danielle and Elliot living with us again , as last Thursday they had water pouring through the ceiling again...
Not good , especially as the plumbers can’t seem to find out where it is coming from. They have even cut a rather large hole in the ceiling, 
Which makes the living room very cold. This is definitely not the time of year to have a hole in the ceiling. 
So grandma is having lots of extra cuddles and grandad went out and got a present to cheer Elliot he needed an excuse !!!!!

Elliot’s first car..... lol..
Today I have been making Christmas cards, not for me though...for a late commission that came in over the weekend...and a rather large order it was too..
But it is finished now...phew...
I must make a proper start on mine soon.
Hope your week is going well...

Take care all
Much love and hugs 
Jo. xxxx


rachel said...

Sounds like you've got it all on jo! Gorgeous cards and i'm sure its not too bad getting all those extra cuddles! Enjoy xxxx

Jo Rice said...


Donna Brooks said...

Lovely groovi designs. Have let my Groovi slip of late, hopefully that can change in the new year. Love Elliots car, bet he will be whizzing round in it before long. XX