Thursday, 28 December 2017

Fabulous art work...

Good afternoon all, 
Thanks for joining me today 
I do hope that you are still enjoying this wonderful festive time 
As promised I have some fabulous art work to share with you 
I feel so blessed that I have been given the most amazing Christmas cards 

This one really made me smile.

And this one is so pretty.

I am going to aim to photograph them all, 

And share them with you over the next few days 

Another stunner 

I have spent many a moment just looking at them all 

I am so lucky to have such wonderful and talented friends.

Now if you haven’t seeen yours , don’t worry 
I will be back tomorrow with some more.

I am off now to cuddle a certain little man,,
I am on granny duties
And loving every minute of it 

Take care all,
Enjoy your evening and see you again tomorrow 
Love and hugs 
Jo. Xxxxx


  1. Oh I love his little hat, sooooooo cute!! Great cards, loving the camels, looking forward to seeing some more. Xx

  2. Thanks Donna, and more art work coming soon...hope you are having a wonderful

  3. Elliot is sooo gorgeous, love his little hat, loving all the cards