Thursday, 9 November 2017

Just for you

Good afternoon all and thanks for joining me...
I hope your Thursday has gone well and that you are looking forward to the weekend. 
We have had a new carpet fitted today to our stairs and landing, oh they were quite noisy...
Now I know why Karl left early and put me in charge...and I thought it was because I make a better coffee than he does.....
It is all finished now and looking good. 
Today I thought I would share a candle with you...
These are such a lovely way to make a personalised gift...
It is recommended that you buy a good quality pillar candle, this is because they burn from the centre. 
Obviously you never leave a candle unattended...and depending on the products used some are best left for pure decoration. 
(That’s the health and safety done )

I started with a piece of white tissue paper and stamped in black permanent ink on the Matt side 

I used the snow globe Stamps and the letterbox Stamps from Clarity...
I didn’t worry about stamping outside the lines as I was going to cut the globe out. 

I added some colour with my stencil brush and Artistry ink pads , some stickles glitter
Glue and some snow with my Posca white marker pen. 
Then cut around the design 

Gently placed it onto the candle 

Covered it with baking Parchment and heated with a heat gun..
It is really important not to over heat and melt the whole candle....

This is such a quick and effective technique...
And I have been using one that I have made just to check that they do Burn ok. 

This is it after 13 hours of burning ...
I just had to make one for Elliot’s first Christmas...
We made some at our Cumbria Retreat and the ladies produced the most wonderful designs 
So before I go.  I will just share today’s photo of the little man with you. 
He fell asleep at the swimming baths was all such hard work..

Oh bless...
Better get on...
It’s been a lovely day here, enjoy your evening all...
And be happy
Much love and hugs
Jo. xxxx


  1. Oh thank you Jo ... I’ve always wanted to do one of these.... and how gorgeous is Eliot ! x

  2. Great idea for Christmas presents. The baby candle is very pretty hard to burn though, I expect it will be kept as a keepsake. Xx

  3. I loved making my candle at Cumbria and I am looking forward to decorating a few as Christmas gifts.
    Tonight I am gessoing chipboard hoops so I can decorate them to create Christmas wreaths. It is so much fun after a day of cleaning!

  4. I love doing these Jo - haven’t done one for a while though 😊
    Love what you’ve done for Elliot and glad your carpet looks good after the disruption 😊 hugs xxx

  5. I've not personalised a candle, so may give this a go. Elliot is simply beautiful x

  6. Thank you so much for sharing have wanted to do this for a long time, now with your very clear instructions I feel I can give it a go, thanks xx

  7. Hello Jo.

    That is lovely. One tip I have seen........after burning your candle initially and getting that hollowed-out centre, put in an LED candle, or a tea-light. Your candle then stays whole and the design doesn't get spoiled.


  8. Thanks ladies for your lovely comments, and wow for all the orders for candles that I have received ....I love you