Tuesday, 28 November 2017

Decorative book corner

Good afternoon everyone and thanks for popping in today . 
As promised I am going to show you how we made the decorative book corners on Saturday. 

The corner stamps are perfect for these. 
I have to say that I got the idea from the lovely Lynne Hammond, I remember she did something similar a few years ago. 
Thanks Lynne for the inspiration. 

I decided to use an old envelope as the base...
I don’t know about you, but I seem to have so many envelopes lying around.

Obviously the measurements depend on how large you want the corner.
I decided on a five inch, by five inch..

Then I made a diagonal cut . 

This forms the base of my corner pocket .
I cut two triangles of card and then stamped on them . 

Next I added some colour , 

Followed by some inking and stencil work. 

And then some faux stitching 

This is the front and back of the pocket . 


Finally I sprayed them both with Spray N Sparkle...
Just to protect the ink when handling it. 

And to make it pretty .....
I do like a bit of sparkle...
Speaking of which last night I had a wonderful time with Fran ...
She made a Christmas Wreath....
We had such a lovely time together .

This is it in the day....and in the evening
You just switch the lights on.

I love it Fran and can’t wait to see it hanging up in your flat . 
I have a special Christmas workshop on Saturday with more friends making more wreaths...
I am really looking forwards to it 
Especially the mince pies and Prosecco ..
Tomorrow is Hazel Grove workshops...more mince pies and crafting with friends...
Oh I am so lucky...
Take care all.

Group hug...
Jo. xxxx


  1. What a fantastic idea for a bookmark, great way to use the corner stamps. The wreath looks beautiful...never would have put you and a wreath together! 😉😉😉 xx

  2. I love my bookmark, have it on the book I am reading at the moment, but must put some spray and sparkle on, I had forgotten that. Beautiful wreath, I an in the middle of another one, can't find any lights anywhere though

  3. I love the bookmark and the wreath is gorgeous. Might be trying both ��

  4. I love your bookmark corner Jo, I remember Lynne's lovely one too, I've never seen them anywhere else. Well done Fran, I can see you will be helping with the workshops next :-) xxx

  5. Great idea for a bookmark Jo. I’ve not seen anything like this.
    A beautiful wreath by Fran too.
    Have fun at your workshops. My last one this year is tomorrow. xx

  6. I have mine hanging in my craft room soon to be decorated. Xxx

  7. Love the envelope idea. It is a good way to use envelopes that are no longer perfect.
    Love the wreath. So many folk have commented on the one I made at the retreat.