Tuesday, 14 November 2017

Family time

Good morning everyone, hope you are having a good week so far. 
We have had Elliot here since Sunday , so I have been on Grandma duties. 
I am enjoying every single minute of it. 
Adam and Danielle have gone away to the Peak District for a few days in a rather lovely hotel. 
I am catching up with you whilst Elliot has a little nap, oh he is so good....and only had me up once last night...
On Saturday we all went over to Nottingham to meet up with Mikey and Fran and have so quality family time...
It is so good to get everyone is one place. 

We had a lovely meal...and so much news to catch up on .

Then on Sunday Grandad wanted to take Elliot for his first visit to Old Trafford....
So off we went ...

And we may just have bought him something special and sent it off to Santa....

Have you noticed who always pushes the pram? 
It is a man thing...
The little man is going home this afternoon , so I will be running around getting everything sorted ready for tomorrow’s workshops, 
It is our usual get together in Hazel Grove.
Something a bit different this week ladies. 
Oh , Elliot has just woken up...
So I had better go...
Cuddle time..
Just wonderful 

Love and hugs 
Jo. xxxx


  1. Hi Jo, Lovely to see you having a lot of time with Elliot, I have been to Rachels this weekend looking after the girls while Rachel had a weekend away. Like you I love it, just the cat had me up twice in the night. Lovely photo of you all. Gwenxx

  2. Hi Gwen, sounds like you had a wonderful Grandma weekend too. Looking forwards to seeing what Rachel created. See you on the 25th.... hugs...Jo. xxx