Monday 16 March 2020

Saturday in Anglesey

Good evening everyone, 
I do hope that you are feeling well. 
I do think the world has gone mad at the moment, one visit to the supermarket , 
and wow people have turned into locusts. 
So many empty shelves. 
It is just mad .

Our Anglesey workshop managed to go ahead on Saturday, I am keeping up to date with the 
current guidelines, 
Obviously things are going to get worse for a while, 
I fear that April maybe a dry workshop month. 
I just hope it doesn’t last too long and that everyone stays well. 
I will keep blogging and making YouTube videos, 
So you won’t get rid of me,,,

Back to Saturday, 
It was such a lovely class and the ladies made the most amazing accordion  cards. 

I must thank Tracy Evans for getting me into these. 

They are a great way to create a story 

Or just repeat a design 

To make a special card 

Try out new stamps 

Or new techniques. 

The ladies made the most amazing designs. 

And they are all so different 

I am so proud of you all. 

If accordion cards are not your thing

This is a great way for creating numerous toppers. 

I was given a wonderful Easter present too,
Thanks so much Susan. 

I think there may just be some chocolate in there...yummy.

Karl is in Aberdeen at the moment, he is so busy bless him, and with his job, 
He is likely to get even busier. 

So I am trying to get ahead with my to do list.
Lots still to tick off 

Take care all 
Stay safe.

Love and hugs 
Jo xxx


gwen70 said...

Beautiful cards made in Anglesey Jo. looking forward to Saturday, hope nothing happens between now and then to prevent it xx

Gibmiss said...

Hi Jo
The cards look amazing ...LOVE Lavinia stamps ....
take care ...keep safe ....
Hugs Sylvie xx

Jo Rice said...

Thanks Gwen, unfortunately as Saturday has now been cancelled we won’t get to craft together. I have posted you some homework,,,,enjoy xx❤️

Jo Rice said...

Sylvia , thanks so much xx

Jan said...

Very lovely