Tuesday 12 November 2019

Vintage style

Good morning everyone, 
How are you today ? 
I am feeling much better thank you .
Poor Eric is suffering after his physio, we found out that he has problems with his front legs and spine too, 
No wonder he collapsed with all the pain. 
Katie the physio was so good with him, and gave me lots of good advise.
So last night he had a heat bag on his spine and I massaged his back...
Karl has requested that it is his turn tonight ! 

Today I thought I would share one of my samples from the weekend wow, 
Using these fabulous stamps by Tracy 

Now this was one of those cards where, I just didn’t know where it was going.
I really didn’t like it until the end. 
So it just shows you, keep going .

I started creating the background using stencils, 
You know how much I love stencils 

I just love this  background 

Next I used a piece of vintage pattern paper, 
Added some stamping, and put the two together.

I also stamped on some ribbon, I love to do this. 

I even got a needle and thread out. 
I stamped the dress form again, added colour and some glossy accents. 

Finally I found some lovely little embellishments, 

And the finished piece just came together. 

Today I am in my craft room , trying to get some demos together ready for Thursday, 
You know me. 
I am so nervous, terrified...
Not just about the shows, but the drive too.
So please send me some positive vibes....I really would 
appreciate it.
Hochanda , 8am and 12noon on Thursday 14th Nov 

Much love and hugs 
Jo xxxx


Craft Addicts - Tracy Evans said...

Jo this card is gorgeous and I was so thrilled to see it on the show. The little details are just perfect and I love the glossy elements and vintage pattern too. Thank you so much for all your hard work. Sending you huge positive vibes for the drive and your shows . Big hugs to you and Eric ❤️❤️❤️❤️

Barbara Finch said...

The card is beautiful Jo - so clever how you've used the stamps.
So glad of the reminder about Thursday's tv programmes got the box ready for recording. You will be great as usual!
Poor Eric he's having a tough time. Hope he starts to feel the benefits of his physio soon. Love and hugs. 💕💕 xxx

MFM said...

Positive vibes being sent. You will be brilliant as ever, have a safe journey there and back.
Hoping Eric is feeling better soon.
Many hugs xx

Redanne said...

So glad you are feeling better Jo, especially with your shows coming up. But, oh poor Eric, he really is suffering. I do hope the physio gives him some much needed relief.

I really loved seeing this sample on TV, it is just stunning Jo, I love everything about it, especially the way you added a real pattern piece, such a great, and very effective idea.

All the very best with your shows, I just know you will be a hit! Big hugs, Anne xxx