Saturday, 16 November 2019

Thursday at HOCHANDA

Good afternoon everyone, I do hope you are enjoying your weekend.
I have just come out of my craft room for five minutes to have a catch up. 
I am so busy at the moment, but I just need to take a tea break. 
Thanks to everyone for all your lovely messages, support, encouragement and love. 
I was so nervous about driving  down to Hochanda, setting up the counter, and doing the live shows. 
I had one of those days,  took a wrong turning on the way down, had trouble finding the hotel, left my tea in the fridge at home, 
Got to HOCHANDA and they couldn’t find the samples. 
Oh it just kept happening, 
Got back to the hotel, the carpark was full, and I had to park a distance away, and yes it was raining. 
I had arranged an early check out for Thursday but at 5-30am, the night porter was no where to be seen, 
and no way of getting hold of him. 
I waited 15minutes, getting more anxious and then spotted a member of staff in the bar area, 
Luckily he sorted things out for me, and I managed to get to the studio for 6am.
My cold still hasn’t gone so the air conditioning just made it worse.
So if I looked a little tired , believe me , I was shattered and stressed. 

On the positive side Yiannis was so kind and a pleasure to work with.
(Oh and for those who watched the Fly High stamp set , I told him that it was called Mile High club !!!) 
Here is a photo of the post it note pad that I made in the first show, 

The front and back, 

And this is the inside 

This is the present that I made for Yiannis. 

I had a lovely  time making it. 
This is the main demonstration from the second show 

The time really did fly, oh and Billy Brayer enjoyed his trip out. 

The weather was just horrendous on the way home, the Motorway had warnings and speed limits of 40mph due to the rain 
and the flooding. 
Them my car decided to flash warnings that I had 2 flat tyres, it was the noise from the water 
but it still unnerved me all the way home, 
I finally got home at 5pm , my arms were so sore after gripping the steering wheel .
What a day.

If you missed the shows , they are on Catch up 
And YouTube

I get to do it all again next week lol.
Fingers crossed we don’t have as much rain...

Enjoy your Saturday evening 
Please take care all
Much love and hugs 
Jo xxx


  1. Jo, your shows were brilliant and so Informative, I have just sat and watched them on rewind. Well done xx

  2. No one would have thought you'd had such a horrendous time Jo - you just looked your usual self and produced such lovely work beautifully demonstrated- well done! Hope you can snatch some 'me time' before the Lavinia shows!!
    Take care. Xxx

  3. Well done Jo. Your stress levels must have been sky high but nobody would have guessed it.
    Hope next week is kinder to you.
    Enjoy some down time over the weekend.

  4. No one would have known you were so stressed Jo. You looked so calm and the demos were so easy to follow. Well done Jo xx