Monday 31 December 2018

Last day of the year .

Good afternoon and thanks for joining me today, 
on the last day of 2018.
I know it has been a struggle this year for some of our ladies, 
you are in my thoughts, each and every one of you. (and you know who you are ❤️)

We are having a quiet night in tonight and hopefully going to pick up 
the little man tomorrow. 
He is coming to stay for a few days, but he has been unwell again. 
Another virus, this time with a rash....
So I am keeping everything crossed that he is well enough to come and stay. 
Karl is working from home today, 
and I am hoping that he will have an early finish...
It really doesn’t seeem like a Monday...!!!!

Here are some more of your cards 

More fabulous creations, 

I am so lucky to have received so many..

Still not seen yours yet...
Well I still have more to share with you .

I am keeping them for another day .

Before I go, 
I just wanted to say a big Thank you, 

Thanks for reading my little blog, 
Leaving your lovely comments.
Also for those of you who put up with me at our workshops. 

Most importantly 
Thanks for all your friendship and support 
It means the world to me

Take care all
See you next year 

Love and hugs 
Jo. xxx


Tracey T said...

I do hope your Grandson is well enough to stay, mine has been poorly too and we managed to bring his bug home with us after seeing him Sunday �� it's their age and time of year isn't it �� I do enjoy this time of year,new beginnings and a new crafty year ahead of us, you've certainly inspired me this year Jo, I look forward to more. I hope 2019 is happy and healthy for you and yours xx

Chrissie Roberts said...

Thank you Jo for everything........... for putting up with me for so many years trying to teach me how to craft...... for your kindness & friendship & so much more.
I will be back some time in the new year for at least one afternoon of fun !
I really miss you!
Happy New Year to all the family. God Bless XX

Donna Brooks said...

Great cards again, you have taught people well. Hope tou had a great celebration. Xx

Jo Rice said...

Thank you so much ladies, and Chrissie , your kind words brought a tear to my eye...we all miss you so much . Really hope you can pop backone Wednesday hug xxx