Sunday, 23 December 2018

Christmas blessings

Good evening all , 
thank you so much for popping in. 
I hope that you have had a lovely weekend ,
and that you are all ready for the big day. 
I just have some fresh vegetables to buy tomorrow and then that is it. 
Our new home has its decorations up, 
the fridge is stocked , guest bedrooms ready...
We even had time to visit relatives today and just relax in good company .

I know a few of my friends have lost loved ones this year, and 
that Christmas is going to be a hard time for you...
So I am sending you much love 
and a big group hug.
Also for those of you who will be on your own,
You are in my thoughts too.

My Dad was quite poorly when we went to visit last week, 
So a special mention and big hug for him too

Just remember that once winter is over Spring will return..
It always does.

Take care everyone

Love and hugs 
Jo. xxx


  1. Merry Christmas Jo and family. Hope everything goes well and you all enjoy the festivities. Sending love and hugs, Donna XX

    1. Thanks Donna, hope you have a wonderful time too...hugs xx

  2. A lovely post Jo and I share all of your sentiments. Wishing you and your family a very happy Christmas and all good wishes for a wonderful 2019! Big hugs, Anne xxx

    1. Thanks Anne, and thanks for all your support and encouragement, hugs for the festive season...xxxx

  3. Have a wonderful Christmas with the family. Hope your Dad improves soon.
    Here's hoping for a peaceful and happy year ahead for all.

    1. Thanks Maggie, hope you enjoyed your Christmas Day...and looking forwards to catching up next year...xxxx

  4. Merry Christmas Jo.....enjoy your day xx

    1. Thanks Sally , it was wonderful, hope yours was

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