Sunday, 21 October 2018

Relaxing weekend

Good afternoon all,
Thanks for joining me on this Sunday afternoon 
I do hope that you have had a lovely weekend.
I have had a weekend to catch  up with paperwork, plus I 
had a very good friend pop in yesterday for tea and cake,,
Look what arrived on Friday 

Thanks ladies..
They are gorgeous .

And look at the card that I got last week 

Thanks Susan,,,
And look , it is on my blog,,,
(You are famous now ) 

This afternoon I have caught up with the washing and ironing,
Oh , it was about time...
The mountain of ironing was getting so big 
Time now for our meal and a Sunday evening 
With some catch up tv

Take care all 
Have a great week.
Love and hugs 
Jo. xxx

1 comment:

gwen70 said...

Was going to say glad you had a nice relaxing weekend but not so sure with all that washing and ironing, Enjoy the rest of your week