Thursday, 24 May 2018


Good afternoon all and thanks for joining me today. 
Have you been getting lots of emails about GDPR? 
It’s all because the law on sharing information has changed. 
So I thought it was a good time to remind you , my loyal blog followers 
and my lovely friends who come to my workshops that I will never share your details with anyone,,

As you know I love to share ideas and I get so excited if anyone finds 
Inspiration here...
I also like to credit anyone who inspires me,,
Unfortunately not everyone has the same values...
I have seen this at first hand ,
And recently some stamp designs are being copied and sold as unbranded Stamps..
It is also happening with dies..
But ladies please be aware that not only is this morally wrong , 
But you are buying substandard goods...
I was so cross recently , 
One of the designers who I adore has had her designs copied
Tracy Evans is such an me and many others .
So I thought long and hard about what I could do..
Me . Just little old me,,,
So I decided that I would go and buy the stamp set from a reputable store 
And blog about the issue...
My way of putting you, 
My lovely friends in the picture..
And please , I’m not preaching at you...
I just want to gently inform you...
So , with my new purchases , 
I have made my tag ....for the May tag swap...

I do hope that you like it ...

These are the stamps..

I started by making the background using Distress Oxide inks 

Obviously next came the water splats...

Followed by some stamping 

See how it is building up. 

Next some Inka gold splats 

And some more stamping .

On separate card I stamped the star, and added some colour using the Oxide ink and water .
Next came some Fussy cutting .

Finally some tag assembly 

And some decoupage 

A metal embellishment

And some glossy Accents..
As you know these little drops are my passion at the moment .

I do love , how they dry 

My tag for the May Tag Swap...
You are a star and you inspire me

Tracy...just for you..

I had better get on..
Thanks for joining me 
Love and hugs 

Jo. xxx


Barbara Finch said...

Love it Jo and so agree about the "unbranded" stamp sets. They are cashing in on the hard work and creativity of genuine designers like your friend Tracy.Hope the pubicity around the subject recently will help to deter people from buying them.xx

Craft Addicts - Tracy Evans said...

Firstly Jo a huge heartfelt thank you from me for all your wonderful support. It is fellow creatives like you that make all the work so worthwhile and I truly thank you for such a wonderful supportive post. You have really touched me and I am sincerely grateful. Thank you, thank you. Huge hugs. Tracy xxxxxxxxxx

Chrissie Roberts said...

Great idea Jo. I know how heartbreaking it is for someone to steal something from your own creative mind. I feel for Tracy and all the others who have suffered at the hands of these thieves.
Bless you for making everyone aware
Hugs xx

Donna Brooks said...

Seen a lot of posts recently about the cheap knockoffs coming out of China. I think its terrible that designers and companies are having their work stolen at such an alarming rate. Can't believe there are also people who are justifying using these products because they can afford to buy more. I don't think my craft would make me feel as good if I was using stolen designs. Love your tag. XX

Jo Rice said...

Thanks Tracy , I really appreciate you reading and commenting on my little are such a busy lady...hugs...xx❤️

Jo Rice said...

Thanks ladies, your love and support really makes me happy....xxxx