Tuesday, 22 May 2018

Cumbria Crafters

Good morning everyone, 
What a beautiful day...yes another one,,,
I hope you had a lovely weekend, 
I have to say the Royal Wedding was very special, and oh my 
I thought the bride looked like a real beautiful 
We had our Cumbria workshop on Saturday and it was so funny when 
Some of the ladies arrived in wedding head gear...oh I do love you ladies 
Oh and gent (sorry Peter ) 

We started our day with a quick and easy card...using 
A fabulous stamp set from Hobby Art 
Designed by my lovely friend Lisa B 
And it is her Birthday today 
So Happy Birthday Lisa 

After coffee we made a tag card, 
Inspired by Jenny Mayes herself...(thanks lovely lady ) 

Look at these beauties...
So proud of all the Crafters 

The afternoon started with some Kraft card 

And Sheila had made wedding cake 
Yes a lemon and Elderflower sponge...
Thanks sis ...

To finish off we made our usual ATC’s 
What is lovely is that ladies who are unable to attend make an ATC in advance and post it to me,,.
When we swap I then take one and post it out .
I have been to the post office this morning 
So they are on there way ladies..

As always it was such a lovely day
I really value all my fabulous craft friends..
Thanks for all caring emails and messages 
Still no offer on the house (well acceptable ones !!! )
We have a lovely couple who are  very interested 
But they need an offer on their house first .
We have a viewing this Thursday , a cash buyer ....who wants to move quickly..
But I’m not holding my breath..
I am really trying to stay positive, 
I know what will be, will be,,,
But sooner rather than later would be nice...
Thank goodness that I get my daily fix of Master Cutie..
He keeps me going and makes me smile...

Enjoy your day all..
Thanks for your friendship...
Much love and hugs 
Jo. xxxx



  1. Good luck Jo, will have my fingers crossed on Thursday xx

  2. Such a little cracker!! He looks so happy and contented😊. Do hope the house situation is resolved soon - so stressful for you - I have never faced that situation having been rooted here since we married! Fingers crossed for you. Xxx

  3. Great cards and lots of bright colours. Hope the house sale goes well and actually turns into a sale. XX

  4. Lovely day. Special thanks you to Sheila for that delicious cake.
    Fingers crossed for the house sale.