Monday, 20 October 2014

Such an exciting weekend.

Good morning lovely people, here we are at the start of another week.

How was your weekend? ...

Mine started with Clarity Cumbria on Saturday, this month we created a canvas each....and I have to say they were all so different and all so fantastic.

Here we have a group photo.....what a great bunch of crafty ladies they are .....

And as always thanks to Sheila who keeps us all on order....and makes yummy cakes....

It was a quick visit to Cumbria and dash home, ready for a 5-30am start on Sunday , and then off to Doncaster...Done....

As always it is great to Demonstrate next to my mate and ├╝ber talented Maria......we had Sam and Heather keeping order and Dave plus Len in charge of tills...( the men have the money!!!)

It was made even more exciting because Sam and myself have our own design on A Clarity Stencil.

Here we are deciding which one would sell out first...

Oh I do love having friends that you can have a laugh with ....we have such a great time......

Whoops.......we did work hard too Barbara.....honest.....

So,,,,here we have Jo's Bubbles.......( note.....not tassels!!!) ...and yes I actually designed and drew it by fab is that....honestly ....just pinch me.........

And here is Sam's Eggs.....

I do hope that you like our designs....and that you will buy them......

Quick backgrounds .....simply made using Adirondack inks, Sail Boat Blue ......turning the stencil and then Butterscotch...

The possibilies are endless ...I am so looking forward to seeing what you come up with...


I really can't tell you have thrilled I am to be part of the Clarity Family...

I am now off to make some samples ready for Clarity will be at the SECC later this week.

If you are going do pop along and say Hello..and remember Dave loves Jelly Babies.....

Hope you have a good start to the week....

See you later....

Much love and Hugs...

Jo. xxx




  1. Hi Jo - you certainly had a busy weekend, though it looks as if you also has a great time. Both yours and Sam's stencils are lovely - though I prefer yours - best not tell Sam though!! :-) What fun to design your own stencil and then be able to demo using it. Enjoy the rest of your day. xx

  2. Hi Jo! How fabulous those stencils are!
    I am sad I couldn't come over yesterday.... I have a couple of issues I am dealing with right now and only just made it to Preston on Saturday!
    Have fun at the SECC. Hope to see you soon! X

  3. Both stencils look so versatile - will have to buy them of course! :-) x

  4. Hi Jo it was great to work with you and the team again. Great that we got to share this moment too. I will be honest I was secretly thrilled to have my name on the stencil. xx I do love your design and am just off to play with it now. xxx

  5. Great photos Jo and I love your stencil. It looks really versatile. x

  6. Enjoyed reading your blog, Jo and catching up with what you've been up to. Think your Cumbrian group should be very proud of their canvas projects, they look fab. I must get a list of your class dates in case there are any I can come to in addition to Maria's (if that's ok with you?)
    I'll definitely be ordering your bubbles stencil; think it will look good with the mermaid & fish stamps peeping through the bubbles. Makes great backgrounds too judging from your examples.
    I can't make any shows this year as my back isn't up to it so I'm sorry that I won't get to see you at the SECC but expect that some of your Cumbrian ladies will make it.
    Take care and best wishes
    Hugs Jeanette xx

  7. Put in my order for your bubble stencil as soon as I saw it on the Clarity web site the other day. I like using circles so this was perfect. Good luck with all your shows and demos. XX

  8. Both stencils are fab and work really well together. Well done ladies :-) xx

  9. how awesome that you get to design your own stencil! i ordered them when they launched and am awaiting delivery. love that card with the swallows. hugs xx

  10. Really enjoyed Saturday's workshop, Jo. Took my canvas to the hospital to show my husband- a very different focus for visiting time!
    Hope to be at Glasgow on Thursday and see the new stencils (and you!) there.

    1. Hope your hospital visit went well and give your Husband a Clarity hug from me....hopefully see you on Thursday....xxxx

  11. Love the stencils, especially the bubbles, just my thing. Decided not to go to the Dome this time, now that was a mistake wasn't it

  12. Fantastic sample Jo & you seem to have enjoyed your hectic weekend. I'm sure Barbara knows you worked hard some? of the time lol
    Don't wear yourself out this week! See you soon xx

  13. Going through all your old blogs nd having fun. I bought you're bubbles just recently ,had my eye on them for awhile .,now I know the artist oh wow .