Friday, 31 October 2014

Meet Eric

Good Morning all and Happy Halloween,....I hope you have a great Friday.

We have a very exciting weekend ahead.....we are having a new addition to our family.....

You see Tess is my Craft Buddy and when I have workshops, retreats and shows she gets we have got a little friend for Eric....

We went to meet him after the last Clarity Cumbria workshop....oh and his brothers and sisters ....

Just how cute are they....thank goodness we didn't have to choose.....only one male pup left needing a home....

( good job....otherwise we would have them all !!)

So tomorrow we are going to collect him....we have his bed ready.....a cute little lead and collar....lots of puppy toys......etc.....

Tomorrow is also a new Challenge at Clarity so I will be back with my make....

Enjoy your Friday evening....

See you tomorrow.

Much love...

Jo. X



  1. Oh bless! You are going to have your hands full! I'm sure Tess will love her new playmate though. I look forward to seeing more photos. x

  2. He's gorgeous Jo. Is he a lab?
    What an exciting weekend you have in store.
    You won't want to go to the NEC and leave him at home!

    1. Yes Yvonne...a black Labrador....and he is grandson to my sisters dog Molly...
      See you next week...xx

  3. Arrrrr how cute! I remember going to visit Phoebe when she was 4 weeks old so tiny! We had an easy choice too as she was the only one left otherwise the choice would have been impossible. So exciting waiting for the arrival, hope yours goes well and Tess and Eric make friends quickly. Have a great weekend. XX

  4. Ooh Jo! How gorgeous is little Eric? A new puppy is such an exciting time. I'm sure that Tess will love him unlike my Hamish who kept running away from Izzy when we got her. He loved her once he realised that she liked to play tugs though! You'd best get your Clarity entry posted before you go to collect him as you won't be able to stop watching him once you get him home. Happy days ahead. Love Jeanette xxxx

  5. AWE Jo Eric is ADORABLE!! Tess is going to be busy keeping up with this bundle of energy!!! Congrats on your new addition...hope that he's not as crazy with energy as my retriever Leo!! Leo's almost 2 1/2 but still hasn't shown signs of calming down any...LOL!!
    Take care and enjoy your weekend!!

  6. Aw Jo what a wonderful addition to your family . Eric is so lucky coming to such a caring doggy home complete with Big Sis Tess to show him the ropes, look forward to loads of pics of them together. Enjoy your weekend xxxxAnnie

  7. Wonderful news, love Eric's name, he's gorgeous xx

  8. What a lovely dog going to be wonderful enjoy having him xxd

  9. Eric looks absolutely gorgeous, my labs are old ladies now and like to sleep a lot I'm sure Eric will keep you very busy!! Have you found Villager Jim on FB he has the most amazing Labrador photos.

  10. Hi Loraine...yes I love the photos from Villager Jim....I follow him on fb......Eric is asleep just hope it lasts the night...x

  11. He is adorable!! I'm sure Tess will love her new playmate x