Tuesday 11 June 2024

Time to Relax….and unwind….

Hi everyone, 
I do hope today is treating you well. 
I am still feeling cold today…
Are you ? 

Mind you…
I am still suffering from Friday. 
I was walking up a narrow pavement in Holmes Chapel.
When suddenly I heard a loud noise and literally everything went black and I saw stars. 
I was passing a lady so I was on the outer side , but still on the pavement. 
When a wagon must have gone past too close and the wing mirror caught me,,,my right shoulder and neck 
I was in such shock I couldn’t even tell you what brand of wagon it was. 
I took paracetamol when I got home and carried on as I had prep to do for Saturday. 
I must admit though I am still sore, bruised and feeling under the weather. 

It has worried me though , 
It could have been so much worse. 

So I am just having a cheeky brew now, whilst relaxing and catching up with you 
My wonderful friends. 

Today I have a lovely little catch up video for you 
Here is a closer look 

I do hope you enjoy it 

You can find it here 

Take care all 

Much love and hugs 
Jo xxx

1 comment:

Sapphire-Rose said...

Jo that's terrible. I'm so glad you didn't receive any more serious injuries. Arnica - cream or drops - is good for bruising.
I hope you are feeling better soon.
Sending hugs your way!
Sapphire Rose