Tuesday, 15 September 2020

Coffee time

Good morning everyone, 
I hope you are feeling well and enjoying this beautiful weather. 
Did you have a nice weekend ? 
We had booked a few days away in our little van but unfortunately my cough has got worse and we had to come 
home early. 
I’m not one for being unwell, but this chesty thing isn’t very nice. 
I have seen the doctor this morning and she thinks it is a virus, 
So just rest is needed.
Oh and to be on the safe side a Covid test, except non available in this area...
On the plus side I find it hard to talk and breath, 
So Karl is enjoying some peace and quiet. 

If ever you get chance to visit Capesthorne Hall, 
It is so beautiful, 
House, gardens and campsite. 

Eric loved it 

There are lots of woodland walks too, 
Reminds me off this recent sample

I love the way we start with a white piece of card, 
and just create magic 

More stamping and some colour 

Followed by some stencil work 

And some finishing touches.
See how the charcoal pencil brings the tree roots to life .

Thanks for joining me, 
I’m off now for a brew, lots of them needed today 

Take care all 
Much love and hugs 
Jo xxx


  1. It's fabulous Jo, sorry to hear yr cough is worse, it takes all yr energy away when yr like that. Hope it's not too long until yr feeling much better....loving caring hugs are being sent yr way (( <3 ))

  2. Sorry you are not well at the moment JO, Penny had to have a covid test this morning but we think it is only a cold and an awful cough. So no school til the results come through. Beautiful card and the hall looks lovely. Get well soon xxx

  3. Beautiful artwork. Hope you feel better very soon. Big loves to Eric too xx

  4. Aww so sorry your not feeling very well, sounds like a nasty virus. Hope you feel better soon Jo. It hasn't stopped your creative juices as this is absolutely beautiful, love the effect of the charcoal pencil has, I really need to use mine more.
    Happy crafting
    Tracy x