Monday, 14 January 2019

Blooming good fun

Good afternoon all, 
Thanks for popping in today. 
I hope you had a lovely weekend.
We went out for lunch with friends on Saturday and 
then we had Sunday afternoon with a couple of friends popping round for a brew and a catch up. 
Last night Mikey arrived back home for a few weeks, he has started Jury Service today , 
So we don’t know how long her will be staying...
Hope his first day is going well, he was quite nervous this morning. 
Today I have something exciting to share with you .
You know how I love to play around with inky backgrounds. 

Well the very talented and lovely lady that is Eileen Godwin , posted a link about a technique that I haven’t 
seen before. 
So I had to have a look , 
There is a great You Tube video 
The Treasures of Many 
At Karin’s Corner.
Now I think this is going to be a very popular technique, so thanks to both ladies for highlighting it. 

I was suppose to be doing workshop prep this morning , 
but I had a play instead. 

Here is what I came up with 

Now my background didn’t come out quite as vibrant as Eileen’s but I love it anyway..
Here is how the design took shape. 

For this technique a photo paper is used, I used the coated silk card from Clarity. 

Distress Oxide inks work really well, add them to your mat one colour at a time 
Spritz, then dab your card in the ink. 
Not too much water though. 

Remember to dry the card before adding the next colour of ink. 

I blended some ink on to the card stock 

And also added some splats...

After drying I added some more ink 

The just wipe the card stock with a wet wipe, 
The photo doesn’t show it up really , but the right hand side has been wiped. 
Can you see, it looks more vibrant and shiny. 

You really need to try this at home to see for yourself. 

Next I got out my stamps and stencils from Aall and Create 

And started to build up my background 
Layer after layer 

Adding a moon mask, some Sharpie pen and some Inka splats. 

On separate card , I stamped this lovely flower ( designed by Tracy Evans , you know I am a big fan of hers ) 
Added some colour with my new pencils, and cut it out. 

To finish off I added some doodles, White splats and liquid glass. 

I really enjoyed making this, 
It still amazes me what we can make from a white piece of card. 

Better get back to workshop prep, 
Take care all.

Much love and hugs 
Jo, xxx


  1. Love this Jo, will have a play tomorrow

  2. Lovely Jo. Like the way you did the background I might have to try that. Hope you are all ok and Mikey gets on ok with jury service. xx

    1. Thanks Lynne, the background is very you and yours are keeping well...xx

  3. Just read Eileen's post about this technique this morning! Must give it a go! I'm in need of something to kick start me!!😀xx

    1. I am kicking you now we will practice at our next Cumbria class xxxx

  4. Never thought of clarity card, can't wait to try this. Love all your background layers, and I just love Tracy's stamps too. Really beautiful card xx

  5. Beautiful card, I have loads of backgrounds that I have done on photo paper didn't know it was an actual technique! Not like me to be ahead of the times! XX

  6. Great card love the colours. Will have a play as soon as I can get some suitable photo paper.

  7. Hi Jo just what to say love your work can I ask were can I get the stamping plate you use when stamping the flexible ones