Monday, 26 November 2018

Cumbria Lavinia Christmas Party

Good morning all, 
Hope you had a lovely weekend.
We had our Christmas Party in Cumbria on Saturday ,
what a wonderful day spent with such a fabulous group of Crafters. 
You know , things happen in life, 
accidents, ill health, family break up etc 
Events that let you know who your real friends are. 
Well I have seen first hand with all my lovely Crafters across all the workshops 
just how they rally around each other , 
friendships have been made , and 
this really is the nice side of crafting. 

There has been so much nastiness around in the industry , especially with recent developments , 
and I have seen first hand some really disappointing, underhand behaviour. 
So it is so fabulous to see the other side and be involved with real, 
genuine , kind, decent people....
It really warms my heart. 

We started off using these fabulous little stamps from Lavinia 

You know how I love a wreath card 
Look at these gorgeous cards , 

After coffee and chocolates 
(Thank you Barbara )
We had a play with blending, layering and a log slice 

It was great to see the ladies and gentleman (morning Peter ) 
Create this card, they just took it slowly , building it up 
one step at a time, 
And look at these beauties 

We stopped for lunch and what a banquet it was , so much yummy food, 
Thanks everyone, and thanks Sheila.
After the crackers had been pulled , and our tummies were full .
We had a couple of prizes to give away including a Lavinia Calendar which the
very lovely Tracey Dutton had signed ( big thank you Tracey ) 
Well done Gwen on your win. 

Even though we all felt like a little nap, 
we created this card, 
Simple stamping and using a die from Clarity 

After more tea and cake...( oh yes , I was so full ) 
We created a little tag 

I do love using stamps in a different way...
Now I didn’t have time to photograph everyone’s tags 
but here are a few 

I just love the different colours. 
To the few ladies who were unwell and unable to come 
Hope you feel better soon.

I must get on, 
Lots on the list for today , 
As it is little man’s day tomorrow and workshops on Wednesday 
Oh and thanks to Mary , my back is so much better 
Tens machines are wonderful 

Take care all 
Much love and hugs 
Jo. xxxx


  1. Fabulous cards. Looks like it was a great day.

  2. We had a wonderful day Jo, enjoyed it all xx

  3. Lovely makes Jo. Pleased to hear your back is a little better (hugs) xx

  4. Thanks Maggie and Chrissie , good to hear from you , and Gwen really pleased that you enjoyed your day...hugs xxx


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