Thursday, 23 August 2018

Lino cut Hares

Good morning all, 
I really can’t believe that it is Thursday already ...
Hope your day has started well..
We had a power cut first thing, but we are back up and running now,,,
And no, it wasn’t anything that I had done...
Yesterday it was our regular  Hazel Grive workshops..
We had a play with the fabulous and funky Lino cut hare Stamps from Hobby Art.
There are so many stamps in this set..

This was our first card...
And in the afternoon I mentioned that I though he would look good with wobbly eyes..
Lucy  just happened to have some in her stash.  
So look. 

Love him...

Then we had a chat about CAS cards 
Clean And Simple. 
These need to have lots of white space, but not look like there is something missing..

Clean and Simple..
With just the right amount of colour..
Great for a man’s card too..
I love these little tree, (leaf ) Stamps...
It is always great to see new ladies at our classes...
So welcome Beryl..

Now when I was making the first card, 
I took a fancy to the foliage stamp that I used at the top of the card..
Now you know me...
I had to try...

And see if I could use it in another way...
You guessed it...

And yes, it makes a lovely wreath...
The flowers are on the stamp plate too..
So versatile..
Must to register with the doctors and vets today..
Hope I don’t get them mixed up!!
Enjoy your day..

Hi from the little man..

Much love and hugs 
Jo. xxx


  1. Beautiful cards Jo, sending a wave back to Elliot

  2. Great cards Jo. Trust Lucy to have wobbly eyes lol
    Hope you are settling in okay. We have 4 of our 5 grandchildren with us next week & I feel worn out just thinking about it! Georgia is on her Duke of Edinburgh award. She has done magnificently in her exams. Another proud Grandma here.
    Take care ((hugs)) xx

  3. Lovely cards Jo I’m sure the ladies would have enjoyed making them xx

  4. Thanks Gwen, Chrissie and Angela....we are settling in slowly....still more boxes to unpack but no rush...just enjoying life and hugs