Monday, 6 August 2018

I’m still here

Good afternoon all, 
I do hope that you are keeping well and that you had a lovely weekend. 
So sorry that I have been neglecting  you..
This house move business really is like a full time job.
So many boxes to pack and so many cupboards to clean .
We have finally got the loft empty....
Why oh why did we keep all that rubbish...
We have visited the tip (sorry recycling centre ) so many times, 
Given so much away, 
And yet we still have so much to do...
We certainly won’t been moving ever again....
Mind you the way the solicitors are messing about we may not be moving this month!!,
No chain...a cash buy , so you would think it would be easy ...
Oh no...
Anyway onto something crafty 
Today I am going to share some die cutting with you,,,
But with an inky background...
Hope you like it 

I started by using one of the fresh cut dries from Clarity 

And cut it out using white card. 

Very delicate and pretty 

I then started to create my background, using a piece of card a little bigger than the die cut .
First I blended the yellow ink 

Followed by the orange 

Then the red.  

Finally some fine wine...
And a bit more blending .

I used my fan brush to add some water splats...

And when dry I attached it to some white card. 

Finally , I added the die cut with some glue..

I do love the contrast between the white card and the bright colours behind ...

Right, tea break over...I had better get back to it, 
Karl left at 4am today so I have been busy since...
Trouble is now I have sat down it is hard to get up again...!!!
Take care all...

Much love and hugs 
Jo. xxx


  1. Hi Jo, don't envy you having to pack and sort things in this heat! Love your inky background to the die. Hope your packing goes well. Xx

    1. Thanks Donna, hope you are keeping here again today...xx

  2. Wow Im impressed moving and keeping up with your blogging. Im so glad you do though I look forward to reading and trying to follow your blog. Good Luck with the move.

    1. Thanks Frances, and it is lovely comments like yours that keep me up with my

  3. I had to take a blog break when I moved - I couldn't keep up with it. So much to pack and clean - I never want to move again! I hope it's not hot where you are - it's unbearable here. Best wishes on your move and I hope it goes smoothly. Your card is beautiful - love the inky background!

    1. Much cooler here today, thank goodness,,..move now moved back a week,,,hey ho,,,and I agree with you...after this ,...we are never moving again...hugs...xx

  4. Lovely card, Jo. Forget the blog for a while - house moves are so exhausting and you need to look after yourself.

    1. Morning Rosie...hope you are keeping well. Take care and catch up soon...xx