Sunday, 19 August 2018

At long last .

Good afternoon all, 
Thanks for joining me today ...
I am so sorry for my lack of posts but 
We have finally moved....
We are so, so happy to be in our new home,,,
Although the day we moved was a very long and exhausting day 
Ten hours and two full van loads later....
And no,,,it wasn’t due to all my craft stuff!!! lol

Both Tess and Eric are happy...and have settled in well. 

Look at that pile of boxes...
We are slowly getting them emptied.

My pots are all in a corner of the garden , I just need to potter 
outside and decide where they are all going 

Marie from Prospect Holmes popped in on Thursday morning 
with flowers and bubbles,,,, she knows me so well...

My craft room may take a while to get sorted , 

I am so glad that I labelled and colour coded the rooms and boxes .
I have a busy week ahead with our Hazel Grove and Cumbria workshops..
Hopefully I will get the emails out tomorrow ladies...

I had better get on...
Take care all

Much love and hugs 
Jo. xxx 



  1. Wow Jo - well done on moving in double quick time! Hope all is going well and you start to see the end of the boxes!!! xxx see you on Saturday x

    1. Thanks Rachel, just need to find my new Stamps for Saturday,,,they are in a sad place...!!!! lol....hugs...xx

  2. Welcome to your new home - ENJOY


  3. See you Saturday Jo, hope you are a bit straighter by then xx

  4. Congratulations Jo. The house looks lovely & big plus - you have a craft room? Take care x

  5. Thanks ladies, and Chrissie hope your new house is taking shape...hugs..xxxx

    1. Thank you Jo. It's coming on but we need a new wardrobe. Travelled to Leeds Ikea for one but they sold out before we got there - not happy - lesson learned - Click & Collect.
      I really love this idea so I may just have to 'borrow' it. Need the stamp first though. ((Hugs)) xx