Thursday 12 July 2018

Workshop Wednesday

Good morning all, 
Hope your week is going well.
It was our workshops in Hazel Grove yesterday and it was so good to be back with the ladies.

We used a lovely sketchy floral stamp set from Hobby Art

Our first card used lots of ink and colouring...
Always good to keep the Crafters quiet 

Then we did some inking direct on the stamp, some spritzing and then then stamping 

This gives such a lovely result..

Just remember , not too much water 

Now there is a lovely little flourish on this stamp set.
Perfect for....
Dare I say 
A wreath card..(well it has been a while since we have had one ) 

Also great for envelopes...(remember to use a permanent ink pad ) 

When I got home Mikey and Fran had arrived, they are here for a weeks holiday..
I am so looking forwards to spending time with them 
One more photo it share before I go..

Fingers crossed it all proceeds well..
I am eating far too much cake with all the stress...

Have a lovely weekend all. 
It is Elliot’s first Birthday on Sunday.
Can’t believe where the last twelve months have gone..

Catch up soon
Much love and hugs 
Jo. xxx


Chrissie Roberts said...

They are a Grove lovely cards Jo. I had to keep busy yesterday a my thoughts were always returning to Hazel Grove. Anyway, I am so pleased the house is *almost* sold. I've lost weight with the stress lol (only just had our first piece of cake!) Do you know, Don deliberately left almost two thirds of my stash behind?!! Good job my Gareth loves me lol. Have a great time with Mikey/Fran & enjoy Elliots 1st birthday. (hugs) XX

Chrissie Roberts said...

??? Can you tell I'm still in a mess? LOL Grove lovely? ooer never mind - I'll go find the gin hehe xx

Jo Rice said...

Good to hear from you Chrissie, we did miss you so much...I have emailed you a photo of us waving to you...and naughty he didn’t leave any footie
Enjoy your new home, take care both...much love...xxxxx

Donna Brooks said...

Ooooo sold! Bet you are over the moon. I can't believe it's been a whole year since Elliot was born, where does the time go? Xx

Theresa said...

great bunch of cards. those stamps are gorgeous and you have used some fab techniques to showcase them. enjoy your move. need to catch up really, hugs xxx

Tracey T said...

I have the wood mounted stamps, must get them out, I love your samples especially the wreath. So pleased to see your sold sign xx

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