Monday, 9 July 2018

Monday Morning

Good morning , 
Wow , I can’t believe it is Monday again..
We are now home, and have been catching up on things..
You know what it is like, washing, ironing,  the post...
And collecting the dogs.
Now that was a laugh...
Off we went at 8am to collect the dogs, The girls went to the kennels to get our babies. 
I took Eric with his toy  to the car, karl followed with Tess.
All I could hear was
Oh Tess has put a bit of weight on, 
And she seems a bit darker in colour down her back..
Then as she jumped into the car.

Oh and now she is a boy!!!!!

So we got the dogs out of the car , went back inside   And yes 
What were the chances that another couple had a young black lab and an older yellow lab...
Only difference was the sex of the dogs..
We did get our Tess and Eric 

But it would happen to us...!!!!

Whilst in France we stayed in a few Chateau campsite...

And this one was just fabulous. 

And we went inside,,,

I did fall in love with their wallpapers 

And their attention to detail in the gardens, 

So beautiful. 

On our drive around  we did visit La Mans,,,
Now that was another experience..
Driving down the race track..

At one point I was so worried that Karl had taken a wrong turning..
No cars in front of us 
No cars behind us..

After laughing , he did tell me it was part of the 24 hour race track...!!!!

Look at theses houses that we found when we went for a walk. 

So charming..

Speaking of houses , we have had the survey done on ours , 
So that is another job ticked off the list..
Lots of cupboards to clean out this week. 

So a fond farewell to France. 

And back home,,,
Until next year.

It is our Hazel Grove workshops this Wednesday so I had better get on with prep..
And then England play in the evening..

Come on England 

Take care all
Much love and hugs
Jo. xxx


  1. Oh how funny about the dogs!! The chances of that happening are minimal, I would buy a lottery ticket if I were you! Love your photos, France is such a beautiful country! Hugs, Anne xx

  2. Oh my goodness, I love the fact the two dogs were obviously happy to come with you! Glad you had such a good time in France, welcome home. Xx

  3. Thanks Anne and Donna, hope you are both keeping well...hugs..xx

  4. The dog mix up did make me laugh, lucky you didn't get far before noticing. My parents visit France frequently but I've not been since school,it does look beautiful xx