Friday, 22 June 2018

Messy String

Good afternoon all, 
If you are reading this is should be Friday afternoon , 
If not , well then my scheduled blog post didn’t work..
Today we are going to have some fun ,
We are going to play 
And make a design using the ‘messy string’ technique.
Well that’s what I call it anyway..

This is such a fun technique to do, it does work with other materials and mediums...
But today we are going to use paint and string 

Oh and a little plastic container.
This particular one had the most wonderful ice cream in,,,courtesy of Aldi
The things I do for my crafting!!!!
You can use just one colour of paint or many.
I have use two.
Just add some to the container and then dip the string in 

Lay the string in a sort of snake shape on your card,
With another piece of card or paper on top.
These are placed between the pages of a book or magazine,,
And I’m not going to suggest any particular magazines,,,,Peter !!!!
Close the magazine, hold it down with one hand and pull the string with the other...
And look 
This is what you get 
(Just watch out that you don’t have anything behind you that can get paint on it...!!!! Lisa and Ruth )

I must warn you it is very addictive, 
I would suggest having a few pieces of card at the ready and making quite a few prints 

I must try this on a canvas , as I think it would be a wonderful piece of art 
Now how to make the print into a finished design 
First add some splats ( Becki’s background Stamps from Hobby Art )

Next some script stamping and colour around the edge 

Oh , yes , more purple...(Take note Karen !!!) 
A bit more stamping 

Followed by some splats of luscious 

And more ink splats 

Finally , a butterfly. A sentiment and a bow , yes made from the dry string 

So there we have it ...
Messy string made into art...
I really love it...
Bet you will too
Do let me know how you get on 

Much love and hugs 
Jo. xxxx


  1. Great instructions for what looks like a great technique. No wonder it's addictive! I like Becki's 'splatty' stamps as well.

  2. Love this technique, want to give it a go so may have to play with my art journal this weekend. Hope you are having a nice break. XX

  3. Totally awesome . I have to try it . Thank you jo

  4. Great work Jo, I have done another two but nothing like as good as yours, xx

  5. Jo, this is amazing, thanks for sharing the steps, I must give it a go xxx

  6. I've seen videos of this on Facebook but your instructions make it all so nice and clear now - must have a go! Thank you very much.

  7. Intriguing method and very effective. Beautiful end product

    I have just shown this to my arty friend and she was very impressed and wants to have a go.

    Teresa (from Sale but down in Cornwall)

  8. it is just fab. your choice of paints have worked so well together. i really need to give it a go.are you moving? we need to catch up one day soon, take care.hugs xx

  9. Thanks everyone for leaving such lovely comments and I hope to see your messy string results and hugs Jo. xxx

  10. Great technique Jo will have to try this. Many thanks