Thursday, 14 June 2018

A bitter, sweet workshop .

Good afternoon all, 
It is going to be a quick blog post today as I am on grandma duties. 
Poor Elliot is teething and full of a cold, 
So lots of grandma cuddles are needed. 
He is fast asleep at the moment..
Yesterday it was a bitter , sweet workshop 
as Chrissie joined us for the last time, 
Don and her are moving house tomorrow and it will be too far for them to travel. 
Chrissie has been with me since my first workshop...
We think it is nearly 15 years ago,,,so yes there were a few tears...
What a lovely lady and true friend..
We are all going to miss her...

We used the gnome stamp set from Hobby Art...
There is so much on this stamp set...

Our second card used the very useful sign post..

A card that could easily be embellished with other designs from the set 

So versatile...
and great for men’s cards..
Oh I am typing so fast...
Mikey and Fran took us out for a meal last night..
An early Father’s Day present for Karl as they both have to work all weekend..

And look , 
Uncle Mikey fits in the playpen too..
Oh little man is waking up..
Better go..
Take care all.

Much love and hugs 
Jo. xxxx


  1. Beautiful cards Jo, such a good stamp set, I love it. Sorry Eliott isn't too well, lots of grandma cuddles will make him feel better. xx

  2. Thank you Jo. It was a sad day for me & I tried so hard not to cry. I never thought I would leave & even now it seems unreal. I really have never had such wonderful friends & you especially have been a Godsend to me. I will always miss you but at least I can follow your lovely work on here & Facebook. xx