Tuesday 31 October 2017

Happy Halloween

Good afternoon all and Happy Halloween....I hope you have a lovely afternoon and evening.
I thought I would share some Halloween makes with you, these were party ideas , and I made them for a recent magazine commission,
It was Simply cards and papercrafts 169, 
I used the Brother   Scan N Cut machine , plus some Clarity Stamps, inks etc. 

First some bunting and cake decoration sticks 

Followed by a book of spells, 

A party planner , 

Party bag ,

And finally a card game of snap...

Halloween snap cards....there is an idea. 


We are having a little party tonight....and a certain little man has his fancy dress outfit all ready...
Adam has made him his own Elliot Elephant pumpkin 

But first I must pack the car ready for tomorrow’s workshops in Hazel Grove , and then go and do some spooky jobs...
My Mums broomstick failed its MOT so I have to go out and carry out her duties tonight...
Should be fun....

Take care all, enjoy your evening,,..

Love and hugs

Jo. xxx


Unknown said...

Your Halloween party ideas are brilliant Jo! Have a lovely day with Elliot, catch you soon xxx

Donna Brooks said...

Have a good Halloween party, love the elephant pumpkin. I have to admit to owning a scan and cut and have only got it out the box maybe 8 times. Tut ,tut, I will be on the naughty step. XX

Jo Rice said...

Thanks ladies.... xx

Guillyflower said...

Absolutely fabulous Jo!! In my subscription magazine too!
Adam has made a fabulous job on that pumpkin. Too late for this year but I love the snap cards. ((hugs)) Chrissie x