Sunday, 26 February 2017

Back to basics

Good afternoon everyone and thanks for dropping in. I do hope that your Sunday is going well. I seem to be deaf in my right ear at the moment, I just woke up that way yesterday things seem a bit strange to me.

It didn't interfere with our Clarity Manchester workshop, thanks goodness.......we had a Groovi class and it was so good to have a full class and have such a wide range of crafters at different places on their Groovi journey. We even had a lady who was a complete beginner and just came to use my equipment and basically try the system out. I do think that is what workshops are all about. I have to say that she enjoyed her day and yes she went home with lots of purchases....don't worry I'm not going to say how much was spent..after all what happens at Craft class stays at craft class.....!!!

So we spent the day starting off with basics....going right back to the beginning and using the starter kit

Then we used the class plate and talked about adding colour

After lunch we talked about embossing, adding glitter and how to attach the parchment

Here I have used one of the backing papers from Northern Lights .

There was just time for tea and biscuits, and a card design using coloured parchment.

I do love to use elements of the Groovi plates and just play

Next time we are moving onto pricking and cutting...and I am really looking forward to seeing everyone again...

Did you manage to see Rossella on Hochanda this morning...I was absolutely transfixed to my tv...what a brilliant show..I am really looking forward to the next one..

Here is a sneak peek of one of my samples..( did you spot it? )

I am not surprised that a couple of plates sold out within the hour...

Tess and Eric are fast asleep after another long walk down at the fields...we still have lots of puddles and Eric loves to just jump right in...Tess is still a bit tentative, but she does go in a little further than she used to

I am so glad to have wellingtons.


All good fun,

Enjoy your Sunday afternoon , whatever you are doing..

Take care all

Love and hugs

Jo. xxxx



  1. Evening Jo, enjoyed the Groovi shows today, my snipping is getting better slowly! Love your back to basic cards, and the embossing ones too. Have fun with Tess and Eric and the puddles...don't fall over! XX

  2. Beautiful cards Jo, love them all xx