Friday 9 December 2016


Good evening all, and thanks for joining me this Friday evening...I do hope that your week has gone well.

I can't believe how quickly the days have gone...and I still haven't started on my Christmas cards!!!!

I have however been using the wonderful Jayne Nestorenko Poinsettia stamps with my pyrography machine...all these boxes need now is some Christmas cheer inside!!!

I have been making some little tree decorations too, they just need finishing off,

I stamped on these great little bits of wood from Creativ

Then burnt the design

Both sides

Followed by some colour, all they need now is some sparkle , a little hole ( thanks Karl and his drill ) and some ribbon..I do think these would fit in well at the Christmas markets.

This is Adam and Danielle last week at the markets in Germany,

And here is Mikey and Fran at our own Christmas markets in Manchester.

I must find time to go and have a few hours wandering around with Karl....but you won't be seeing that photo....,( as I value my camera!!!)

I hope you have a lovely weekend planned , it is workshops for me tomorrow and then our Paul Church is on Hochanda on Sunday...

Here is a sneaky little look at one of my samples...shhhhh

Fi, I think you may just Need this new plate....

On that note , I am off to finish sorting out my bags...take care all,

Have a wonderful weekend,,,

Love and hugs..

Jo. xxxx



MFM said...

Those boxes look wonderful. You are a very talented lady.
Hope you get your cards done soon, Christmas will be here very soon.
Hugs MfM

Lisapmac said...

I just love your artwork, I've yet to try my pyrography tool out, think I'll have to get Christmas out of the way first. We've been to the Christmas markets before in Manchester, it's lovely, especially the sugared nuts yummmmmmmmm, enjoy xx

Jane said...

Those boxes and tree decorations look brilliant Jo! You must have a very steady hand!
Have a great day at your workshop tomorrow.
Love and hugs xxx

gwen70 said...

Wonderful boxes Jo, you are one talented lady

Donna Brooks said...

Love your pyrography, those tree ornaments are beautiful. Thought I was the last one to make my cards so I'm pleased to hear I'm in good company! I think you should do a Christmas card class so you get them done on the job! Have a good weekend. XX

Jo Rice said...

Thanks ladies...and Donna, you read my