Tuesday, 27 December 2016


Good morning and thanks for joining me for a few minutes...

I do hope that you all had a very happy, healthy and contented Christmas....and that Santa brought you just what you needed....

We had a lovely time, and I even got to face time my Mum ....such fun,,,

Christmas dinner went down a treat and Tess and Eric were shattered after opening all their presents...

I actually pretended to be a domestic goddess !!!!

And yes Rachel , my elf slippers were great and I wore them all day....( thanks,,,)

I am absolutely thrilled with the huge amount of amazing cards and gifts that I have been sent. I really am blown away, and just want to Thank you all....

I have taken photos of the cards and I am going to post them over the next few days...,

I love them all,

And I am so proud of every one of you

That's all for today....

Enjoy your day, be kind....

take care .....

Much love and hugs.

Jo. xxxx



  1. Hi Jo, glad you had a great Christmas, looks like Tess and Eric had a good time too! Loving the cards. XX

    1. Thanks Donna, hope you had a wonderful time too...Thanks for your continued

  2. Oh love your goddess look . It is perfect . I have the Santa hat but those elf slippers really sets it off fine and dandy. I feel like your dogs look , it was a very good Christmas , family at home and presents , but the family was the best . Happy new year to you all . Joy now Janice

  3. Oops , I also love the beautiful,cards .

    1. Thanks Janice, great to hear from you and so glad that you had a lovely family time...enjoy your New Year

  4. Glad you had lovely Christmas. The cards all look amazing. Fred liked his Pyrography machine, not used it yet as we have been busy. Julie has already asked him to decorate some Christmas Eve boxes for the children. xx

  5. Do Tess and Eric know they have a domestic goddess as a Mum. I'm sure the rest of the family already know this. Happy New Year.
    Love MFM