Tuesday 6 September 2016

Christmas inspiration.

Good morning all, it is a lovely sunny morning here in Cheshire...although I have to say that our dog walk took an extra 30minutes this morning as Eric suddenly started to limp..I checked out his paw, nothing to see, he was just struggling to I have to say Karl is still limping after his bike accident on they did make a good pair...

We decided that I would run home with Tess and get the car for Eric ( as I can't carry him) well, Tess didn't want to leave him, then Eric ran after me...followed by him lying at my feet....!!!! Grrr so that wasn't going to it was just a slow walk home with lots of stops...

Always something.....

He is fast asleep now...bless him...oh Eric....not Karl!!!

This morning , I thought I would share some Christmas Inspiration with you ( yes sorry ....the C word)


A hanging wreath,

And tree decoration,

A wall plaque,

A frame,

And it wouldn't be Christmas without a jar of sweets...

All these projects have been created using the Brother ScanNCut and they can be found in here,,,,,

With lots of other ideas and designs...available to buy now...

Right I have workshops tomorrow , so I had better get on...

Catch you later..

Love and hugs

Jo. xxx


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