Wednesday, 21 September 2016

Beautiful flowers.

Good evening all, and thanks for popping in.

I hope you have had a lovely day, I have been in Hazel Grove crafting with the fabulous ladies...and it was brilliant to have a new lady join us.

Tonight I just have time to share some recent Groovi makes with you...

These two use the wonderful new plates designed by the very talented Jayne Nestorenko ,

I do love the floral designs, and we have the stamps now are going to be seeing them used on here so much ...

And then this little number that Maria had on her show last week...

I need to remind you that Paul is on Hochanda on Sunday with some fabulous new plates, although I will have to watch on my laptop as my tv has lost Hochanda,,.the FreeView new Chanel isn't working yet and the old one just has a testcard with The Store on the screen,,.

I did blame Karl...but another couple of ladies told me today that they had the same problem,,,whoops ...sorry Love...

Right, I had better go, supper time for Tess and Eric...

Sleep well all,

Love and hugs

Jo. xxx


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  1. Beautiful flowers I can't wait to get my groovi and stamps ones. Hochanda is back on its new channel 1st of October. Poor Carl, I bet husbands across the land have been blamed! Tell him not to worry though because when it comes back on it will be 24hr broadcasting! Xx