Wednesday, 28 September 2016

Artistry ink pads

Good afternoon all and thanks for joining me today..

I am frantically trying to get lots of jobs ticked off my list...but then I seem to add more to it...does that happen to you too? Or is it just me???

Today I thought we would have a chat about the new Artistry ink pads...

These are a rich, water reactive dye ink, which means that they can be used for lots of different techniques including blending, stamping, brayering, watercolour painting...and lots more...

They are great for card making, scrapbooking, can be used on a canvas, mount board , ribbon , and even mixed media projects...

All in all a rather fabulous ink...but that's not all they have an innovative design with a flip-top lid, so that the ink stays wet longer, and the name is always visible...

No more putting the wrong lid on the wrong ink pad..

Plus a clever little storage pocket for the blending foam,,,,

Although I still think a mirror and small lipstick would be good..

The inks come in full size pads or mini ones, which also stack....these really are the ink pads that just keep giving , and there are 48 exclusive shades...

Now many of the lovely workshop ladies have asked me to run a colour comparison with their usual inks...

So I am going to start off today with what I think are needed for a typical Clarity landscape...

This one is made using my usual colours of Adirondack ink..

Sail Boat Blue with a little Raspberry for the sky

Butterscotch with a little Spiced Marmalade for the sun

And then Meadow and Lettuce for the land

Now this one is made using the Artistry ink pads...

Midnight Blue and Fancy Fuchsia for the sky

Golden Tumeric and Orange Popsicle for the sun

And then Green Garland and Dry Weed for the land..

Now I don't know about you but I really think colour wise they match really well.

I have been using them and find that they blend really well both with the stencil brushes and the mini blending tools...

So if you need some help choosing colours , I hope you will find this useful. I have also done a Distress ink colour comparison and will blog that next week...

I need to get on now as it is my monthly Clarity workshop tomorrow at Grosvenor House Papers in Kendal..,

Such lovely people, great shop and a rather splendid lunch....

So better get back to my to do list.

Take care all

Group hug

Jo. xxx



  1. These cards are beautiful Jo, and I did buy a set of Artistry ink pads at Leyburn, so I intend to have a little play this evening. Sadly, it will have to be after I have tackled the ironing mountain so it will be a few hours yet....!!

  2. Thanks for all the information about the inks Jo. It's so expensive to go all out for a new system all at once, but having these comparisons means we can perhaps add individually as our older ones run dry. I look forward to seeing your charts in due course. Thanks for doing this for us xx

  3. You are a busy lady so thank you very much for sparing the time to do comparisons on the ink pads. Looking forward to your blog next week. Enjoy Grosvenor, I will miss not being there.
    MFM xx

  4. that is a great idea to the other inks. enjoy your workshop, hugs xx

  5. gorgeous makes Jo - really wonderful - enjoy tomorrow! Big hugs Rachel x

  6. Great idea, I have worked out comparisons between the Adirondaks and Distress ink I own, so it would be good to know which Artistry inks are similar. Hope you get some jobs ticked. Xx

  7. Thanks so much for your description . Jan

  8. Thank you Jo for the comparison. Both cards are beautiful. Look forward to seeing you again soon in Glasgow. Ann ☺️

  9. Lovely cards. Where does all this talent come from? I think I might have a go at these if that's ok Jo?

  10. Thank-you Jo, I have not bought any of these new ones yet so your comparisons will help me make up my mind as to which colours to invest in. Hope your workshops go well. xx

  11. Thank you ladies, and I am so glad that you found this post useful...home after a busy but enjoyable day...time to put my feet up...catch you

  12. I really love these cards Jo. Just my style. I particularly like the use of the word chains. I just love using these and the matching alphabet. As Lynne says It will certainly be useful to see the comparisons between the Artistry Inks and the Distress Inks so I know what colours to invest in.xx