Sunday, 17 August 2014

Inky play in Cumbria...

Good afternoon lovely friends and followers.

Today I am going to share with you the projects that we made yesterday in Cumbria at our Clarity workshop.

I do love going up to catch up with crafters, meet new ones and see my sister...

We had our youngest member yesterday and Tasha was an absolute star...and her work was amazing too...I do love it when young people get involved , it warms my heart....oh and her Mum makes gorgeous Banana cake...

The class stamp was the Gerbera .....this was our 'warm up' project....

We then went onto the Distress this technique has been brought to our attention by the lovely and very talented Maria Simms....who has kindly shared it with Barbara and the that we can then share it with you....

Thanks Maria.....I love it...and sorry if your ears were burning yesterday....but credit where credit is due.....x

After making our custom made ink pads we made this...

And then after lunch we made this one.....

Such summery can't beat a bit of Spiced Marmalade ...can you....????

Now our last project is inspired by the wonderful work of another lovely and talented lady Eileen Godwin....and is quite out of my comfort zone.....but that is good....

I must admit I really enjoyed playing and creating this type of work ..and the ladies made fabulous works of art too....

Here they are...

I do love bring part of the Clarity Design Team, where we all share and inspire each other.....and I love to learn and develop new techniques...that I can then pass on to other crafters.....just one big happy craft let me know what you think....

Right off to walk Tedd between the showers.

Enjoy your Sunday evening...and fingers crossed for a good week ahead...

Much love and hugs,

Jo. xxx



  1. They look fabulous Jo! Was the last one done with brushos?

    1. Thanks Jane, was made using the faux brusho

  2. These are beautiful designs, Jo. I'm sure the ladies had a great time with these techniques and loved the results. Well done everyone! Really like the last project too xx

  3. Lovely. The last one would have been out of my comfort zone too but I really want to try some of the beautiful techniques that are about. All these cards are beautiful love the colours in the Gerbera. xx

  4. Looks like another great workshop xx

  5. they are all brill Jo. thought you used reinkers on last one but wasn't sure - good faux brusho technique i must say! i do love what you did with the butterflies and reinkers though. my fave .... hugs xx

  6. loved being part of the workshop Jo and I'm looking forward to the next one I can get to! A lovely day! Thankyou so much! Hugs rachel xx

  7. All these cards look great. I love the butterfly one, such a good colour combination. XX

  8. Jo I think they're all fabulous! How brilliant to go home with those beauties :-).
    Would love to be part of one of your workshops one day as it looks as though you have such a great time.