Tuesday, 26 August 2014


Hello there and thanks for looking in today.

I have had a bad start to the week with a leaky boiler....( thank goodness It waited until after the ice bucket challenge...don't know what I would have done without my hot shower )

Also I am suffering with a very painful and swollen knuckle...and yes...just my luck it is my right hand. It has been getting slowly worse over the last two weeks and today even stamping was difficult. Not good when I had samples to finish off for Barbara ....( Claritystamp are on tv on Sunday ) which reminded me that I still had some samples from last month to share with you...

This one was my favourite...and here it is on C&C...

I started with a piece of Gelli card, the oval aperture stencil and Sail Boat Blue Adirondack ink.

Next I started stamping the lamppost stamp , as you know I do love to stamp the frame on a card....

I do find it helps to turn the card as I stamp.

And keep stamping..this is what I created.

Then I stamped the church..

Added a little colour with Spectrum Noir Pencils.

The black border was added with a ruler and Sharpie pen, then the lamps were brought to life with some Glossy Accents.

And the card was finished.

Simple but effective...

Here is another one..this really is just simple stamping.....but so crisp..

And an envelope to match..

Right I am off always I appreciate your comments..

Oh and remember to get your tickets for Catterick....just go to the Clarity is going to be another two fantastic days...


Jo. X



  1. They are both lovely Jo. I love the way you've used the lamp post to build the frame. Hope you're on the mend soon xx Lisa x

    1. Thanks Lisa, and once again congratulations on winning the Spectrum Noir pencils

  2. Oh dear I hope you get that hand better soon. You probably have frost bite from all that ice ;) I really love the way you have used the lamp posts as I never saw them being used like this. I may be brave today and order the box of charcoal pencils from Clarity as they are in the blog sale. Wish me luck with them! XX

    1. Thanks Donna, yes Barbara has some good offers on today....I love using mine I bought a box from Clarity and they are great for adding shade....go on you will love them...they add depth when stamping on Shaving foam background too...
      Have fun....hugs...x