Wednesday, 30 April 2014

Workshop Wednesday...

Good evening all, and how has you day been? We had great workshops in Hazel Grove today and played with Clarity Stencils, Stamps, Stencil brushes , the Gelli Plate and yes even Billy Brayer came out to play.

We used Adirondack inks on the Gelli plate, here is a close up...

This Poppy card was created by first inking the Gelli plate with Stonewashed ink, dabbing with scrunched paper and taking a background print. Then placing the poppy stencil onto the Gelli Plate and dabbing ink through the stencil with sponges. When the stencil is removed this is what is left.

Then you just take another print.

How cool is that ? ....and even better, take another print to make an insert....

Oh I do love to play....


And again. ( thanks to Barbara Gray for the inspiration for this one.)

Right I need to get on is a new Challenge tomorrow on the Clarity jobs to get done from my list....
Thanks for coming today ladies and Angela thanks for the yummy biscuits.
I need to write and schedule my blog post for 8am tomorrow.....
So see you then, enjoy your evening...
Much love and hugs...
Jo. X



  1. Super Jo, how I wish I could have been there. xxx

  2. These are fabulous Jo!
    Linda xxx

  3. Fantastic designs Jo. Looks like you had lots of fun on your gelli. Particularly like the poppy one and its insert. Xx

  4. what alovely set of cards. need to play with inks on gelli. you've inspired me xx

  5. Love this top one Jo (and the rest of course). I think it is the colour you have used that makes it my favourite. I should really look into getting a Gelli. Hugs xx

  6. Hiya Jo, Wow these prints from the Gelli Plate are brilliant.
    I have one and only used it once (had it aq year aswell....BAD GIRL!). I just think it's getting round to using it. But would love to use these stencils with it. Debbiex

  7. hi Jo - wow - this is a whole new idea to me - I've only used acrylics on my gelli - going to be playtime tomorrow night lol xx

  8. All these are magical! I must play with my Gelli plate! Thank you for visiting my blog, I am looking forward to the next challenge! xx

  9. wow Jo these are all amazing. I haven't mastered the art of using inks with my Gelli - I must play!
    wish I was close enough to get to your workshops xxxx