Tuesday, 26 February 2013

My clever ladies...

Hello all, oh how cold is it outside?
I am suffering today with a cold, so instead of Tinkerbell I look more like all seven dwarfs rolled into one.......with a large portion of Sneezy and Grumpy!!!!!
Enough of me, one of my regular crafty ladies has had some of her work published in Creative Cardmaking magazine ..

Well Done Julie, I am so proud of you and on behalf of all the other members of our lovely Craft Workshop Clan may I offer you many congratulations and a very large pat on the back.

Off to put my feet up now....
Happy Crafting....
Jo. X


  1. Oh thats great Jo, I bet you are proud and I bet she is of herself too. Sam

  2. Oh when I saw your link I got my copy out,it's full of lovely inspiration . ..but your lovely lady has got a 3 page spread ... a very talented lady .. now where does she get it from? xx Annie Mehew

  3. Well done to Julie, you must be so proud Jo. xx

  4. Well done to Julie :) I shall see her on Thursday so I can look through and get the low down :D