Tuesday, 14 February 2017

New toy

Good afternoon all and thanks for joining me, I really can't believe how quickly today has gone .

I do hope that you are having a lovely Valentine's Day and that you have a romantic meal planned for this evening...with maybe some bubbles..

I must just share this photo with you...

Thanks Donna,,,it is wonderful

I have spent the day getting the designs sorted ready for Saturday's class in Cumbria...oh it is going to be fun....

Speaking of fun ...we had such a great time playing with our new toys at CJ Cards , Edgeley last Saturday...

This is them...they are great and can be used on so many different surfaces...and Glynis has got a great choice of colours in the shop too.

Once dry they are permanent....

Really quick and easy for making backgrounds, and they can splat....!!!!!

This was our finished the Clarity stamps and stencils


After lunch and cleaning our hands....we had a Groovi afternoon , and used the new woodland plates..

With backing papers from the Northern Lights paper packs

As always it was a lovely way to spend a Saturday...

I must go now , cook some food and light some romantic candles...

Thanks for asking about Adam , he is slowly improving and started Physio on Monday...

But it's going to be a long job..

Anyway...bye for now

Take care all.

Much love and hugs..

Jo. xxx



  1. Arrrr knew you'd like that picture! Wow, those are some big markers! Love the card design. Xx

    1. Thanks Donna , and yes those markets are big and fun...x

  2. That looks like a box of mischief flavoured chocolates, just the sort I like.
    Have a good day in Cumbria.

  3. Thanks Maggie, we will miss you on Saturday , but not long now ...hugs xx

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