Wednesday, 14 September 2016

A bit of R & R.

Good morning everyone and thanks for joining me this Wednesday.

Firstly I would like to thank everyone for the lovely comments on my last blog post and those on Facebook...I really do appreciate them all.

I have actually spent the last five nights having a bit of rest and relaxation with Karl. We went for a sneaky little break to Spain....and do you know it is the first ever holiday abroad that we have had just the two of us , after 28 years of marriage we finally had a honeymoon...

And look what was waiting for me,,.thanks darling...

You see for many years we haven't been able to get away due to Mikeys health issues...but fingers crossed that is all behind us now..

The hotel had lovely gardens,

And views

We had lots of long walks along the beach

And found a very nice spot to sit in the local harbour

We also found this wonderful lady who made fantastic wall art from spray paints...

I was fascinated watching her, especially her use of stencils and masks....

She even used torn paper...

It reminded me very much of encaustic art...I was slightly worried about her lungs though as she didn't wear a face mask and you really could smell the fumes from the cans of paint.

It was great to spend time just chatting, walking and reading....I do believe that sometimes life can be just too hectic and we all need to stop every so often and just watch the world go bye,,.

Both Karl and myself have been so busy recently that we have been like ships passing in the night, so it was so good to spend some quality time together....

We both have a very busy time ahead now...until it is full steam ahead....

I have lots of workshops planned, magazine deadlines, samples to make and a rather large pyrography order to complete... Plus in a couple of weeks it is the Clarity open day up North.....I am really looking forward to it and sharing a rather special new Stencil with you...

So on that note I had better get the washing pegged on the line, collect the dogs from the kennels..( ..oh I have missed my babies...) and answer some of the emails...

Enjoy your day all,

Much love and hugs,

Jo. xxxx



  1. Looks like you had a great time! Glad you got back safe in the storm!

  2. Looks like a lovely place and very relaxing. Hope you get all the washing dry and ironed done before life in the fast lane begins again.

  3. It looks lovely Jo. Glad you both had a well deserved rest. Bet Tess & Eric we're glad to see you. Hope to see you soon xx

  4. Glad you had a great time. We are meeting friends at the port tomorrow so I'll look out for the lady with the paint! X

  5. What a lovely place, glad you had a wonderful time xx

  6. Glad you have managed a lovely break, it was our plan for September but not going to happen now. Hubby needing hospital appointments. Never mind always next year. Hope Leyburn goes well wish I could be there. xx

    1. Sorry to read that Lynne, hope your hubby gets better and you can spend some time away soon...xx

  7. So good to get away from it all. Enjoy getting doggie kisses from Tess and Eric. Xx

  8. It's amazing how a little break in the sun can revitalise you. Am hoping to go to Leyburn, I've had the ticket for ages and am looking forward to it. X

    1. Will be good to see you Stephanie, please come and say

  9. Looks like a wonderful holiday .

  10. Thanks ladies for all your lovely comments...and yes Tess and Eric have missed us...
    I am back into the swing of things now...all the washing done,,.just got to iron it all now...
    Catch you later ...xxxx