Sunday, 6 April 2014

Filigraphy Dolphins meet some Shaving Foam....

Good Morning, hope you are all enjoying your Sunday morning. I have been so busy already, Adam had to be collected from the airport....oh I have missed him but he had a great time in America.....

Tess had to be walked etc, so I have only managed to watch half of Barbara's Clarity show on C&C, the rest has been recorded for later when hopefully I can sit down with a brew and enjoy.

A lot of crafters have asked about the shaving foam technique so here is my take on it.....

This is the finished card using the gorgeous new Filigraphy Dolpihin stamps....

This is such a quick and easy way of creating a background, I use one of my storage box lids, some shaving foam, some spray inks (and I mix and match depending on the colours that I want ) a ruler, and a very expensive wooden coffee stirrer.

Spray some shaving foam, and you don't need a lot.

Add some colour...

Make a pattern with the coffee stirrer

Push your card onto the top oh it feels all funny....

Peel your card away

Use a ruler to scrape off the shaving foam

This all goes back into the lid

And hey presto ...this is what you get....and it dries really quickly too.

And if your sprays have Mica in you get a lovely sheen...

You can then add other colours and repeat it all over again...and again...

I stamped the dolphins in Archival ink and used a word from the new word chains set 7.

I stamped the dolphins once more and cut them out so that I could decoupage them.

Some glue gel and job done.

I do hope you like this card and technique and I would love to find out how you have used it...

Better get on....

Enjoy your day...

Much love and hugs.

Jo. X



  1. Brilliant technique Jo, I think shaving foam is a must next time I am out shopping, I assume any old cheapie brand is good enough ?? I wonder if sculpting hair mousse would serve as an alternative ?? Might give it a try and see .... nothing ventured .... xx

  2. Brill I'll definitely give that a go, thank you x

  3. WOW Jo...thanks for the technique ideas!!! What a STUNNING affect and not so very complicated! You have such WONDERFUL ideas!!

  4. Great Technique Jo. I will try this with my Craft Group this month, see what they think of it!
    Saw the first hour of Barbara, your Good Luck card they showed was lovely. debbiex

  5. this is a wonderful technique and one i have shared with crafty friends and my rainbows pack too. love how you've used yours xx

  6. Great card Jo. I love the background. Those dolphins look like they're having a lot of fun! x

  7. Thanks for sharing the shaving foam technique. I'll definitely use it with my class. It really makes a fitting background for the dolphins. Fantastic! Your designs on C&C were fab this morning. Expect you're off to France in May too so have a lovely time xx

  8. Fabulous card Jo, I must get my shaving foam out and have a play with this technique, thank you for refreshing my memory :)
    Linda xxx

  9. Great technique, Jo. Saw your card on TV this morning. I wondered how it was done. Thank you for the tutorial. x

  10. Fabulous card Jo! I must give this a go! It looks amazing! Which type of card did you use? X

    1. Thanks Jane, I have used any card, whatever good quality card that I have at hand...great way to use up off cuts.....x

  11. that background looks super. so much like the sea xx

  12. Fun fun fun!!! I have done this years ago......such a neat looking card!!!

  13. I loved the look of this card when I saw it on the TV. Thank you for sharing how you did it. xx

  14. Brilliant card Jo. Love the new dolphins they'll go well with my sea horses

    Getting the foam tomorrow (Don doesn't use it)

    Chrissie x

  15. Lovely keep seeing shaving foam method really need to try it x

  16. Fabulous technique Jo, I loved this when I seen it on tv. I am going to buy some shaving foam today to give it a try.
    The card us so beautiful, it should be framed x
    Denise x