Friday, 2 February 2018

A requested photo tutorial

Good afternoon , 
Hope your Friday is going well and that you are all ready for a lovely weekend.
We must welcome our new follower Tracey come in a grab a seat and a coffee...
Make yourself at  home, 
It is good to have you join our little blog 
It is our Manchester Groovi workshop tomorrow so I am really looking forwards to that.
My bags are all packed and ready to go. 
Today I am going to be talking you through some mixed media Pieces. 

There are many ways of doing this type of effect, 
This is just the way that I developed , so that it is easy to teach at my workshops. 

You can use it on lots of wooden , MDF and other surfaces 

And it does become quite addictive...
I find myself looking around the house to see what else I can alter 

Hard backed notebooks work really well. 

These are just a few photos that I found from workshops. 

It works really well on a canvas too...
So , Pam, Angie and we go..

Start off with the bare wood, canvas etc...
If you are adding grunge paste through a stencil , you do that first . 

Whilst that is drying, you can sort out your embellishments.
Remember that it doesn’t matter on the colour ...

Add the embellishments, I find a hot glue gun workes really well 

Remember it will look worse before it looks better ...
Have faith ..

Next paint the whole area with black gesso and leave it to dry 
Some embellishments, flowers etc may require some poking with a small brush..
You will know ant I mean when you do it..

There are various ways to add colour, mica sprays, luscious powders etc..
But I like to paint on some watered down Inca Gold 

I like to mix the colours too...

Next some splats and some gilding wax around the edges and on any raised areas. 

This bit is optional. 
If you want any white highlights you can scrape off the gesso etc to show the white through .

Finally add some metal embellishments of choice...
On this canvas I added some dots of glossy Accents too.. 

It really is a wonderful technique and it is a great way of using up all those embellishments that 
Are may be colours that we don’t like ..

I really hope that these photos help ladies... 

And here is one to set you up for the weekend, 

Take care all. 

Much love and hugs 
Jo. xxx


MFM said...

You always make it it look so easy, and the surrounding area looks remarkable clean and tidy.
Little chap looks happy, bet he's wondering when he can use the grunge paste.

Lisapmac said...

Wonderful projects, cute photo of your grandson, coming on a treat xx said...

I so enjoyed the workshop when we did one of those little books. Great ideas Jo and a lovely photo of your grandson - what a little cracker he is! x

Unknown said...

Remember now you explained the stencil one to me at Crowborough last year, my memory isn't that good though but I did remember the black gesso and bought it when we got back from the holiday. Thank you Jo for doing the step by step, really appreciate it. Got lots of embellishments I can use to decorate what I make so hope to have a go soon before I lose my nerve. You will leave it on here won't you Jo, so we can refer back to it please? Thanks again Jo. Love the photo of little man, he's gorgeous.xx

rosiejt said...

Great photo tutorial, Jo!

gwen70 said...

Thanks for the tutorial Jo, so useful, Elliot is growing fast and so gorgeous

Tracey T said...

Fab tutorial Jo,really enjoyed it, thankyou 😃 is that your grandson, he looks adorable xx

Jo Rice said...

Thanks Tracey and yes that is our grandson Elliot , he is seven months old now and we just adore him...xx

Jo Rice said...

Thanks ladies for your lovely comments , and for your continued support on my little blog...hope you are having a lovely weekend...hugs...Jo. Xxx

Jason Stanley said...

What a wonderful post, so much work, love the notebook.