Friday 7 April 2017

Welcome to Taihirion.

Good evening all, and welcome to Taihirion, in beautiful Anglesey.

My lovely friend Julie Jones put us on to this wonderful campsite , it is well equipped with new toilet block, showers, etc lots of open spaces, water and electrics on all pitches. I real gem , and opposite a working farm where you can get fresh milk , cheese and even attend a cheese making course..

If you are looking for a place to stay do look them up, I can thoroughly reccomed them .

This is the view just now from our little van, Snowdonia, looking grand.

Tomorrow it is Clarity Anglesey and I am really looking forward to catching up with the lovely ladies.

Although it was very hard to leave today as Danielle is in hospital. She was taken ill yesterday and I spent the day with her until Adam could leave work and be with her. It is such a worrying time for us all, and I just hope and pray that all will be well. So if I am a little off track tomorrow ladies, please forgive me.

We went for a little walk earlier , and the sun was shinning, it did help a little


Down lots of country lanes

Found these cute calves

Tess and Eric whilst we had a well earned cup of tea.

We are now going to settle down for the night, so I will say, have a lovely weekend all.

Take care and catch you soon

Much love and hugs

Jo. xxx



MFM said...

Hope you hear good news from Danielle soon. Countryside looks beautiful.

Unknown said...

It was lovely to see you and Karl again, it seems like ages since you were last here, and I'm so sad I couldn't join in the fun at Clarity Anglesey this time, next time though. So happy that you like the campsite, it's in a beautiful place, I feel so lucky to live on this gorgeous island. Hope Danielle is ok, remember to look after yourselves too. See you again soon xxx

Jo Rice said...

Thanks Maggie , we are keeping everything crossed...xx

Jo Rice said...

Thanks Julie, so good to see you too, and glad that we booked the