Wednesday, 12 April 2017


Good afternoon all and thanks for joining me today. How is your week going ?

After a worrying few days , I am happy to report that Danielle has been allowed home from hospital, Mummy Rice is now looking after her... Thank you all for your lovely messages and really have helped.

I hope you have been able to watch the Clarity shows on Hochanda today, I have been busy getting everything sorted ready for workshops tomorrow at the Paper warehouse in Kendal. It is always such a great day when I go there, and I am so happy that I have been asked to carry on with monthly classes until the end of the year... So Mum and Dad can I book in for tea???

Today I thought that I would share one of my samples using the Snowdrop stamps from the wild flowers stamp set and the new Hay stack stencil.

I started by making my background, I added some water to some Black Shadow Artistry ink and flicked it on to some stencil card.


I stamped the Snowdrop sentiment using black Archival ink and once dry I added some colour through the stencil using just part of the stencil .


I do like to leave some white space

Some matting and layering

I stamped the Snowdrop and just added a little grey pencil to add just a hint of colour

To add the finishing touches I added some Enamel Accents from Ranger, this really is my latest must have, and they come in fabulous colours.

This is one of my favourite stamps of all time and we used it in Clarity Cumbria some twelve or so months ago,,,This was one of our designs...Remember it ladies and gent ??

If you don't already have these stamps you really do need them ...

It is so funny how some designs just stick in your mind, have you noticed that ?

Right I had better go , still so much to do...

Have a lovely evening ,

Take care and pop back soon

Love and hugs

Jo. xxxx




  1. Both lovely cards, Jo. I do love this stamp! xx

  2. Lovely design Jo. Pleased to hear Danielle is home and being well looked after. I just hope Adam is well again now.
    Love to all
    Chrissie xx

  3. Thanks Janet and Chrissie, hugs...xx

  4. Lovely​ card Jo. Do wish the snowdrop was available singly though as I already have the cornflower! Xx

  5. Catching up! These are great, really like the arty feel of the snowdrop card with the inked background. Glad to her Danielle is home. XX

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