Sunday, 26 July 2015

Lots of Fun in Cumbria...

Good afternoon all and welcome to Freda...our new follower...I do hope you will be very happy is a very friendly, crafty place with lots of coffee and cake...

Speaking of cake ....Birthday is Lisa's Birthday .Today from us all Happy Birthday lovely lady..

It was Clarity Cumbria yesterday and as always it was a most wonderful day...with extra sweets...( cheers Lisa )

We had a play with the Color Burst powder those who are regular visitors will have seen my recent play with these amazing powders. They are great with the old shaving foam...and I was totally delighted when the man himself....Ken Oliver actually commented on my FB picture.....yah....

This was our first card...

And look at the designs that the ladies and gentleman created

I am so proud of them....such fab work.

And with the clean up from the mat....we made tags...

Here are a few of them...

The colours are just so vibrant....I really would recommend them to everyone...

Our next card was more of a typical Card with Clarity...

How brilliant are these.

Then we used the Christmas Wee Folk and made quick Christmas cards.

At least I can say that I have started making my Christmas cards....

Tess and Eric came along and they have got their own branch of Cumbria Classes....look at them...We all had such a wonderful day...

So today I am catching up on jobs, some washing and is raining now and actually gone quite dark outside...

I have another busy week ahead with workshops on Wednesday, Saturday and this afternoon I may just cuddle up on the sofa with Karl and watch a film.....any recommendations????

Have a lovely afternoon and thank you for looking in...

Much love and hugs...

Jo. xxxx



  1. Beautiful Christmas designs, fantastic inspiration as always. Lucky pooches had a fun weekend too. We watched Kingsman a few weeks ago thar was good 😊 xx

  2. Looks like you had a great workshop yesterday! The picture of Tess and Eric with their relations made me giggle! Spot the difference springs to mind!
    Have a lovely relaxing day! Xxx

  3. looks like a wonderful day Jo and some fabulous techniques - wish I could have been there aswell as being in turkey! Looking forward to august already xx

  4. Wow Jo such fabulous results from your classes, absolutely beautiful. I'm tired just thinking about everything you have to do next week! Hope you had a relax this afternoon xx

  5. your 'students' must have had a ball! what fab makes. love your signature wreath card . it was miserable and wet here too xx

  6. Wow I'm jealous of all the fun you ladies had and the beautiful creations . It's sunny and hot here in Virginia but then it's good for all the tourists who come here to the beach for their vacation and for all the shop owners who depend on them . Don't know if you get the sme movies there as here ,but we went to the movies and saw a new one called Mr Holmes . It was excellent

  7. Great pict of the dogs. WOW what a lot of lovely cards Jo, everyone must be very pleased. Are there any workshops in the Warrington Area?

    1. Thanks Sue for your lovely comments, at the moment the nearest to Warrington that I do is in C.J. cardCrafts ....the details are on my workshop page....if you need any information just drop me an email....cheers....Jo. xxxxx

  8. Wow Jo what fabulous work from your ladies. I think I might have to try those colour burst out...Very impressed. Hope you enjoyed your film with Karl. Hugs xxx

  9. Wow all the cards look stunning, and those powders look like something I need in my craft stash! Tess and Eric look like they were having fun too! Hope you all got the right one back ;) xx