Wednesday, 11 March 2015

Workshop Wednesday.

Good evening all and thanks for stopping by tonight...I am sat here in my dressing gown, slippers on and cup of tea at hand. Karl is in London for a few I am the Boss!!!! lol...

Today was workshops in Hazel Grove and the ladies had the Wee Folk stamps to play with ...our first card used Jo's Bubbles stencil, Adirondack inks and the stencil brushes to achieve the blending..

Also some of charcoal colouring to add depth.

Now for the second card we talked about the Bokeh technique...a technique which comes from the world of photography and the Bokeh filter.....( it gives a fuzzy circular glow around a light source )

Barbara has a wonderful YouTube on it, and you can watch this via her blog...

We used Distress ink for our background and Brilliance ink for the White circles..

Brighter circles can be added with a white gel pen, or White Acrylic Paint.


As a background there are so many possibilities with this technique..

As always it is good to experiment and try new techniques , also put a new spin on an old technique..

We certainly did that had coffee and chocolate biscuits....and a good old natter....I would love to tell you some of the gossip....but what goes on at craft club....stays at craft club.......

Cheers ladies...(and Don...)


JO. xxxx



Unknown said...

Gorgeous cards. I love the techniques you have used. I must try them. The bubbles lend themselves so well to the little people.

Janet Pring said...

Looks like a fun workshop - I like the look of the Bokeh technique , I will definitely give it a go xx