Wednesday, 3 September 2014

Leafy Swirl

Good evening all, I do hope that you have had a good day. I have been in Hazel Grove for our regular workshops and it was so good to catch up with everyone...

Today we used the Leafy Swirl stamp from Clarity, this was our first card.

And this was our second design,

Using the Remountable garden set of stamps.

This is a card that I made using repeat stamping with the Leafy Swirl stamp plus the small allium...

I really liked the way that it turned out.

Just a quick post from me as after the workshops my hand is playing up...and I really must learn to type using all fingers!!!!

X-ray tomorrow, so hopefully I will find out what is causing it...

Have a good evening..

Much love,

Jo. Xxx



  1. these are beautiful cards Jo - just gorgeous! Especially love the bottom one! Fab xx

  2. Will definitely be using the wreath with the leafy swirl, such beautiful designs. Good luck tomorrow! Xx

  3. What a beautiful collection of cards. I love the wreath with the leafy swirls.