Monday, 9 June 2014

Monday already.

Good morning ..oh ..only just...better get a wriggle on...

How was your weekend? I had a lovely time yesterday with the Clarity family in Doncaster.

Check us out, great new aprons too...thanks Barbara and Dave...

Whilst I was there, I spotted a new stencil on the within minutes I had bought it, unwrapped it and it had ink on is one of the cards that I made with it , I also used the oval aperture my three favourite colours....Adirondack inks, Sail Boat Blue, Butterscotch and Raspberry.....all of which can be bought from Clarity....

Here is another make from my is my twist on pattern building, which I am really into at the moment...this time using stencils not stamps...

To begin use one of the new Art Deco Stencils and apply the blue ink with one of the fantastic Stencil brushes....( and by the way they now come in a fab box!!)

Take the stencil away and this is what you have....

Now clean the stencil and then rotate it through 90 degrees and repeat using Butterscoth ink.

This is what you now have.

Quick clean of the stencil and 90 degree twist then Raspberry ink.

How cool is this....

Just needs a stamped image in the centre ...

So many possibilities...I need to try this with other stencils...oh watch this space...

Just time for one more example from yesterday and then I must get on....

Thank you to all the lovely crafters who came to say hello...right must get I have another busy week ahead....but all good fun.....

Thanks for your support it really is important to me...

Love and hugs,

Jo. X



  1. Ooh, I can't wait for that new stencil, and I love the way you have used the flower stencil too - a really luscious colour. I will blog mine later today when I have finished tidying up before the cleaner comes and Sainsbury's deliver. You have also given me ideas on how to use one I did of the Chinese Lanterns which is just sitting in my folder at the moment. Thanks for the inspiration, Jo. xx Maggie

    1. Thanks Maggie, have a good day and looking forward to reading your blog later...x

  2. Beautiful cards Jo, can't pick which one I love more but the flower at the end it stunning, it calls to me. Love the aprons. xxx

  3. Gorgeous designs Jo xx Zoe xx

  4. I am so glad you had fun yesterday, I knew you would and wow I love what you have done with the stencil and the ink, it. Gives the impression of a kaleidoscope image, well done, I will have to give it a try. Not too good at the mo, but I will soon.

    Denise xx

    1. Hope you feel better soon Denise...I am sending you a big Hug to help....x

  5. Hi Jo, love the card samples. Thanks for joining my followers. I would like to join your but will have to pop back as it's not available at the moment.
    Happy crafting, Angela x

  6. Fabulous samples Jo.
    Linda xxx

  7. Hiya Jo.
    Gosh I adore the way you have used this stencil with the three colours and then rotated it, Stunning. The horse is superb isn't it. Do you think Barbara would consider the horse with no filled in bits then we could Zentagle it ourselves (just a thought).
    Take care and hope to join you at Clarity Cumbria very soon (the girls are waiting for me to get back from Spain, 12 days to go!)

  8. lovely work as usual Jo. this is your signature way of using stencils. lovely set of cards. tulip my fave though. waiting for it to arrive xx

  9. Lovely samples Jo, I bet the stencil brushes sold like hot cakes again! Glad you had a good time, see you soon. Lisa xx

  10. wonderful makes Jo - love the new stencil you bought - and the pattern building too - wonderful x

  11. Hey Jo, lovely work as always.
    I'm getting a pinny too! Lol Was going to say The Clock Lady or should it be The Tarmac Lady now! Lol
    Hope you gave a good week...Hugs xxx