Monday, 23 June 2014

Weekend play..

Good evening and thanks for looking in. I do hope that your week is off to a good start. I have a very busy week ahead and today I have been working on more magazine work....

So I thought I would share a couple of my demos from the Clarity Open days...

When I saw these two new stencils hanging up...I knew I Needed them....

This is Peacock...and I know my friend Maggie is going to love it...

And this is Horse Head.....and I am sure this is going to be very popular too....if the weekend is anything to go bye...

As always I have only used my three favourite colours to make them.....Butterscotch, Raspberry and Sail Boat Blue....Adirondack inks...and they can all be found along with the stencils on the Clarity

Well I am off now to walk Tess, make some food for the males in the house then back to samples for a couple of hours is Clarity Cumbria again on Saturday and I am really looking forward to it....

Enjoy your evening,

Much love,

Jo. X




  1. Pleased to hear you had a great week-end and you're back home safe and sound. These are Gorgeous! Knew they would end up in your 'basket'. What about the Gelli plate 'mount'? Did you have to have that too? Great idea from Dave, he must be a very clever man.
    See you Wednesday xx

  2. Lovely examples of your beautiful stencilling Jo? I got the peacock stencil and hope to have a play later this week! xx

  3. Two gorgeous cards and loving the colours. Lovely to hear you had a wonderful weekend.
    Linda xxx

  4. Both beautiful cards, Jo, especially the peacock, for which I have plans. Lots of experimenting with that one and another stencil mixed with it. You may be able to guess which one? I love how you limit yourself to a small range of colours. You are quite right. i cannot wait to get my hands on this one. xx Maggie

  5. wow Jo. you are truly the Queen of stencils!. you are a wiz with them. i like these 2 too. but how many stencils am i going to buy? xx

  6. Hi Jo, wow gorgeous creations, glad you enjoyed your weekend too, while I'm here can I query you? last months anything goes challenge for sweet lilac my card won, I have e-mailed and also PM on FB, but have had no reply or got the flowers, sorry if i shouldn't be asking you but i don't know if the message with my addy has got through or not, thanks for any help, hugs Liz marsden, ps my name came up as Marsdel my computer was having a strop!!!!! lol xx

    1. Thanks Liz and I will pm you and sort it out.....and don't worry I am glad that you asked will get your flowers soon...hugs. Jo. X