Sunday, 3 November 2013


Good evening all, I hope you've had a good weekend....mine didn't start that well as Mikey was ill all day Saturday....and I had to sit with him.
It has been a busy Clarity weekend and unfortunately, I've only managed to watch this afternoons show...thank goodness I have recorded them all...I'm so looking forward to catching up on them.....
One of the new stamp sets that Barbara launched was a Filigraphy Framer kit and oh it is fabulous....a large stamp and five smaller ones....
This is a sample card that I made and it was great to see it on the show.

Just simple monochromatic stamping, but the twist is a magnet in the middle of the card.....

Then the smaller stamped images cut out and a magnet stuck onto the back...

Then hey ho an interchangeable card....

I put a magnetic strip on the back of the card and placed the spare images on it...
The hardest part of this card was finding somewhere that sold the magnetic strips....
Thank you for reading this and as always I love reading your comments....
Lets hope we all have a good week ahead....I'm off to the NEC and I'm really looking forward to catching up with lots of crafty friends....
Hugs....Jo. xxx


  1. This was inspirational!! You certainly used this set so well! Xxx

  2. You had such clever ideas with this set Jo. Great design too. x

  3. Missed the shows today so this is the first time I have seen these cards. They are absolutely stunning!

    Linda xxx

  4. Hi Jo, so sorry to read Mikey has been poorly, hope he's feeling better now.
    What a clever and inspirational design you've created here, you're so clever.
    Hope the week ahead is good for you.
    Crafty hugs xXx

  5. I loved this idea - really liked your idea - groovy!

  6. I was amazed that you had such a great idea like this!! Actually no I wasn't xxx!!
    I think this is becoming your thing, the mechanics of a card, like the one with the swivel pictures and you have done some similar before, I think they are great and add a lot of interest. Well done Jo I look forward to seeing other takes on your ideas? Sam xxx

  7. What an amazing idea, genius, love the card xx

  8. You and Mandy have alot to answer for, love these stamps , fantastic artwork x