Sunday, 18 August 2013

Well Dressing...

Good evening all, what a fantastic day I have had...
I've  been in Taddington, Derbyshire demonstrating card making...
Thanks to Christine for looking after me and making me lots of cups of tea...and it was good to see you Chrissie, Margaret and Heather.
This is a photo of the Well Dressing, it is made totally from natural materials, such as, flower petals, berries and moss. They are all embedded into clay base which is wet and helps to keep the materials fresh.

What is Well Dressing?
The supply of water was very important in the high limestone area of the Peak District where water would normally seep away through fissures in the underlying rock and there are few streams. Villages grew up around wells that formed from springs.
Adorning the wells with flowers appears to have evolved as a way of giving thanks, hence Well Dressing. This tradition which was peculiar to the limestone area is known to be at least 300 years old, but may go back to pagon times. 
The inside of the church was also decorated..

There was music from the Hathersage Band, Classic Cars and Steam Engines, a BBQ and a variety of stalls .

I had a fantastic day and it was lovely to be part of a community that really do care and all look out for each other. 
Whilst I remember .....The very talented and lovely Maria Simms is on C &C on Wednesday 11:00. As it is workshop day, I will have to record the show....but it is going to be a must see......(all will become apparent........) 
Thanks for stopping bye today and have a good week all,
Love and hugs, Jo. 


  1. Looks like you had a fabulous day and glad to hear the rain stayed away.

    Linda xxx

  2. It looks great, Jo, and if the last bit means what I think it does, that's very exciting! x

  3. What a lovely day Jo :-) hope you have a good week :-) xXx